Multi-Market Wireless Partnership: Day Wireless

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SureCall trusted partner, Day Wireless, offers a unique advantage to solving wireless problems for customers across the United States.

In a recent article published by InBuilding Magazine Day Wireless Systems, a long-time trusted partner of SureCall, shared the unique advantage they offer to customers across the United States.

Since 1969 the company has used technological innovation and dependable products to solve clients’ problems.

“Where many companies subcontract much of their work and concentrate on being the best in just a couple of areas, we have had a lot of time to become good at doing more,” explains Vlad Erofeev, Director of Technology at Day Wireless.

Dig deeper by reading the digital issue to learn how the team at Day Wireless has become a leader for DAS, public safety signal boosters, and a solver of all problems related to wireless.





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