11 Products For Winter RV Travel in 2021

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Winter RV travel is very rewarding. It is a bit more work. But it’s worth it, especially if you plan ahead and go into it with the intention that you ‘re going on an adventure. It will be one of the most memorable RV trips you’ve been on. Honest.

There are some things that you have to think about that are specific to RVing in cold, snowy weather. Here are 11 products that will make your trip so much more enjoyable. These items will lower the number of things you would otherwise have to worry about, as well as make your trip a lot more comfortable.

1. Upgrade Your Propane Tanks

winter rv travel 12

20-pound propane tanks are the most commonly used size for RVs. You’ll be much more prepared for winter RV travel if you get 30-pound propane tanks instead.

If you do this, you’ll almost certainly need to get a new rod holder. You can buy the whole kit online for around $30 – or you can go to Home Depot and get a 3/8 rod and then just thread it all the way down. The advantage to a rod that’s threaded all the way down is that you can take the fly nut and spin it all the way down the tube. You can easily secure 20-pound or 30-pound propane tanks this way.

Note: The 20-pound refillables (American Gas, Blue Rhino) is often a rip-off. You only get 3.8 gallons per 5 gallon jug and you’re also paying twice as much.

So, upgrade to 30-pound propane tanks and get a 3/8 rod. You’ll be all set.

2. Space Heaters

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This will be your best friend when traveling in your RV during the wintertime. It keeps your rig warm without using any propane. Remember to place them appropriately in your rig so it doesn’t prevent your thermostat from going on.

Note: Space heaters are great, but you’re quickly going to realize something when you start plugging them all in and using them. If you plug too many into your rig, you’ll likely trip a fuse. There’s an easy hack that will prevent this from happening. When you’re parked, run an extension cord through your slide and plug it in directly into an electrical panel.

Price: $37.64

Link to purchase

3. Fusion2Go 3.0 RV

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV cell phone signal booster is optimized for recreational vehicles, trailers, and campers to provide reliable voice, text, and cellular data for multiple users inside the vehicle.

The device features 2XP technology to boost the vehicle-to-cell tower range by increasing the uplink transmission power two-fold. This empowers users to remain connected throughout the weakest cell signal environments, enjoying strong and reliable connectivity for work, play, or safety. The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV gives you maximum gain and power throughout the most remote areas on and off the road.

Multiple devices can be connected to the boosted signal at the same time. It doesn’t matter what carrier or phone you have. This signal booster works with all of them, included 5G phones. It also extends the battery life of any device connected to it. The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV is made with the highest-quality materials for longevity and connectivity when you need it.

All SureCall signal boosters are FCC certified, have a 3-year warranty, and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $449.99

Link to purchase

4. Keep Your Water Hose From Freezing

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Preventing your hose from freezing is probably your #1 priority during winter RV travel. Once your rig doesn’t not have running water, everything changes. You can’t do the dishes, it’s hard to use the restroom, and other things become difficult.

First thing to do is this: take your standard drinking water hose and wrap in it foam insulation. Then use heat tape and tuck it in there. A lot of people use electrical tape and wind it around and around like a candy cane. That’s usually not necessary. Just use duct tape to secure the insulation around the hose every couple feet or so.

Also, sometimes your water can stop working not because of a hose issue but because the metal spigot at the end of the RV park’s water source freezes. You can prevent this from happening by wrapping the area with a little bit of extra insulation and then wrap it with some tape. For extra measure, you can do the same thing at the point where the hose connects to your rig. Those are the two most likely spots for your hose to freeze.

One more step that you can take to prevent your water hose from freezing is to keep the area where your water connects into the rig warm. Get a simple 40 watt bulb and mount it in there. It’ll keep the area about 65 degrees. Just make sure that it’s properly mounted and secure.

Price: $13.99

Link to purchase

What If You Don’t Have Time To Heat Your Hose?

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You can get a heated hose. This one from Camco is a popular option. Though the reviews are mixed on this products, it’s definitely going to be just fine if you’re only staying parked for a night or two at a time. There’s very little chance that your hose will freeze in that amount of time. So a product like this can give you peace of mind. But if you’re staying for 3-4 days or longer, use the techniques above rather than this heated hose.

Price: $104.30

Link to purchase

5. Winter Sewer Hose Protocol

This isn’t a product, but it’s a very important tip to remember.

In temperatures below 40 degrees, your sewer hose can become problematic. Make sure that you set it up so you have a nice, gradual slope down to the drain and you shouldn’t have any problems in most cases. But when temps get down to the teens and single digits, you want to only connect when you want to drain your gray or your black. Leaving it connected could create something called a poopsicle. No one wants that.

We’ve heard of some people deciding to run your sewer hose under your RV skirt and then only pop it out at the last minute to go into the drain. Don’t do this. Trust us. Do not do this.

6. Install Vent Covers

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When it’s freezing outside, you’re going to be spending most of your time inside the RV. Vent covers are great for this because they keep the air flow moving when you’re inside as well as prevents condensation. They easily install over your current vent and drill in from the side so you don’t put any holes in the roof.

Price: $27.02

Link to purchase

7. Get An RV Skirt


An RV skirt will help keep the underside of your rig warmer while also making your RV look better. What’s also great is that most RV skirts can be installed from start to finish in less than 15 minutes.

Price: Get an estimate

Link to get an estimate

8. WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

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This thermometer comes with three external sensors that you can place anywhere in addition to the sensor inside the device that gives you the temp inside your RV. We recommend putting a sensor outside, another directly underneath the rig where the water tanks are, and a third one in the water utility closet. The display will show what the current temperatures are for each location. It also has a min and max feature so you can see in the last 24 hours what the lowest and highest temperatures where for each location.

Price: $64.99

Link to purchase

9. Command Clips

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Winter RV travel means that you are going to be drowning in boots, jackets ,and undergarments if you don’t have a system of organization. These Command clips are great and will help you keep your winter clothing organized inside your RV. The ones we are recommending have a rubber grip on the tip so even heavy jackets don’t fall off. Having a place to come in and hang all these extra layers is important, otherwise they’re going to end up on the beds or in the dining area and you’ll have nowhere to sit.

Price: $5.00 per clip

Link to purchase

10. Slide Topper

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You’ve got to keep moisture outside of your rig during winter RV travel. And you need to put some focus on keeping snow off of your slide. It’s especially important to think about this because if the snow freezes up like ice on your slide, it’s going to function differently than water. The ice can actually go uphill and into spots in your RV where water normally has a hard time getting to. This is why you need a slide topper. They prevent water from getting into your RV via the slide. Not to mention they keep all the debris and leaves and everything else off the slide.

Price: Get an estimate

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11. ProFlex

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Another common RV spot where water gets in is through the end cap. A lot of RVers say they struggle with keeping water from getting inside from this location. One way to make this area water tight is by simply tightening the screws that attach the end plate to the wood and then use ProFlex to seal up underneath.

Price: $19.95

Link to purchase

11 Products For Winter RV Travel in 2021 – Conclusion

Do you have suggestions for winter RV travel that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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