Why do I have to go outside to get a cellular signal?

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The other day I was looking through the newspaper and came across an article entitled “Cellphones are useless in pub”. It explained how a new English cocktail bar, the Gin Tub in Brighton, was offering something old-fashioned on it’s menu: “The chance to talk to real people instead of staring down at your cellphone.” The pub achieved this by installing a Faraday shield into their ceiling. Faraday is used to prevent radio frequencies from entering a building. Read the article here: English Bar Blocks Cell Phones, Tries to Get Patrons Talking
After reading the article I thought, how unusual it was to want to disable your cell phone. Most people feel lost and alienated when they can’t reach out to those closest to them and would want to do whatever possible to ensure a strong and reliable cellular signal.
So, what are the reasons behind blocked cellular signals. Here are a few of the usual culprits:

1. Building Materials: Concrete, steel and low-E glass windows all act to block cellular signals from entering and covering a building.

2. Surrounding Terrain: if your home or office is located in an area surrounded by large trees and tall hilltops your phone will probably not be able to find a strong or reliable signal.

3. Distance from the nearest cell tower: If you’re location is many miles from your carrier’s cell tower and on top of that you’re in a home or building made up of signal-blocking materials, your chances of getting a strong signal are greatly reduced.
So, does this mean that the only solution would be to put on your coat and boots, go outside and walk around in the cold and rain like you’re searching for a Pokémon to get an adequate signal?

No, there is another solution: SureCall cell phone boosters. SureCall carries a line of boosters that provide clear and consistent cellular reception anywhere from a small sports car, your home or a multi-story building.  There are models that cover simple voice and text as well as 4G LTE data. To learn more about our line of cellular boosters go to: Mobile BoostersHome BoostersCommercial Boosters

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