What Really Powers Smart Homes

Recently, we’ve seen the predicted shift of the Internet of Things (IoT) from wearables to smart home devices slowly come to fruition. Small startups began tinkering with the idea of being able to control your home from your phone. From lights to locks to doorbells, they’ve opened the door to the new meaning behind personal technology.

Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google have latched on to this trend. They’ve adopted the motto of “If you can’t beat them, buy ‘em,” acquiring companies like Nest to help drive their innovations. With companies like these dedicating divisions, vying to help us control our homes, there’s one crucial factor that stands between you and adjusting your thermostat remotely: a strong, steady signal.

Whether it’s a cell phone or Wi-Fi signal, smart home technology relies on the capacity of a strong cell phone signal to be able to control the devices, and a Wi-Fi signal to seamlessly connect. And it’s more crucial than just a dropped call. When security and well being come into play with smart homes, it’s more important than ever that devices maintain a steady connection.

We’ve heard from the installers we work with that this issue arises more and more frequently: a brand new building or construction that is limited in cellular and Wi-Fi signal to complete its state-of-the art design. SureCall works with these installers to help solve signal issues. Our Fusion5 and Fusion5s cell phone signal boosters have won the CEPro BEST Award in 2014 and 2015, respectively. And, we’re so excited to announce that our newest booster, the Fusion7, the first ever simultaneous booster for cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV signals has won this year’s CEPro BEST Award for household enhancements/ installation accessories. To top it off, Fusion7 also made the Residential Systems and TWICE magazine list of CEDIA best in show this year. We couldn’t be more proud of our team and their hard work keeping people – and their lives – connected.

For more information on the Fusion5, Fusion5s, and Fusion7, visit www.surecall.com


by Frankie Smith
Director of Sales, SureCall

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