What Is (And What Is Not) A Cell Phone Signal Booster

Basically, a cell phone signal booster brings a strong outside cellular signal indoors to an area of otherwise poor or non-existent coverage.

When you love what you do as a career, work does not feel like work.  I have been fortunate to be in that place right now in my career where I really enjoy what I do.  However, explaining what it is that I do for a living (and explaining what a cell phone signal booster is)… THAT is work.

When I get done at 5pm and connect with my wife every evening, it takes all that I have within me to not be offended by the glazed look she gets about 5 minutes into the conversation.  It’s not that what I do is boring, it’s just that what I do can be… complicated.  My wife doesn’t want to hear about decibel milliwatts, automatic gain control or attenuation.

My family doesn’t really get it either. All 5 of us were driving home from San Francisco one day in a luxurious Toyota Sienna (“minivan” for the layperson).  With it being my mother’s car we were unfamiliar with how to sync our phones to the Bluetooth so we could listen to music.  One of my brothers elicited my help because I “deal with this stuff all the time”.  What?!  Do you even know what I do, bro?!  Let me set the record straight.

I am the Solution Design Specialist at SureCall, a cellular signal booster manufacturer.  Basically, my job is a part of our complimentary service offerings.  I look at floor plans and use our signal booster systems to lay out where antennas, cables and boosters should go to ensure that you have complete coverage inside you building.

A big part of understanding that comes from understanding what a signal booster is, and what it is not.  A signal booster IS used to take the existing outside signal and rebroadcast it inside the building through “hot spots”, or broadcast antennas.

It IS NOT a way to improve your OUTSIDE coverage.  It is not a way to ensure that only YOUR carrier is represented inside because signal boosters typically enhance all available carriers simultaneously.  It is also not a way to enhance WiFi signal in the building, unless you are using our brand new Fusion7 booster which enhances cellular, WiFi and HDTV conveniently in one package.  SureCall has a wide variety of boosters to help you enhance coverage in vehicles, homes and commercial buildings.

I am a part of the customer service side of SureCall’s business.  We actually have some of the best complimentary services in the industry.  Our boosters have tech support for the life of the product.  We offer a free design service that helps our network of installers develop the most efficient and effective booster system designs for any location.  I also host weekly Certified Installer courses that are free to sign up for and attend.  Finally, our boosters have a 1% return rate, which is leaps and bounds above the competition.  So, what do I do?  I make all your dreams and wishes come true by raising your bars.  Make sure to visit www.surecall.com for more information about how we can improve your cellular reception.


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