What Do the Cell Phone Reception Bars Mean?

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Do you know what the cell phone reception bars on your smartphone mean? They indicate your signal strength. Typically categorized by 5 bars, the greater the number that you see, the stronger your signal will be. This explains why you experience reception issues when there is just one bar or can’t make and receive calls when there are none.

If you find yourself blaming your service provider for poor coverage when a colleague or friend sitting nearby has three or four bars on their cell phone, you are mistaken. The bars are not a completely scientific way to compare signal strength or cell phone providers. The difference has more to do with your cell phone model. In the absence of any real standard, it’s up to a cell phone manufacturer to come up with whatever algorithm they choose. What this really means is that another individual’s four bars might be equivalent to your cell phone’s three or vice-versa.

How to Measure Cell Phone Reception Quality?

The right way to measure cell phone signal strength is to take a reading in decibel-milliwatts or dBm. Typically expressed as a negative number, the closer it is to zero, the stronger your cell phone reception is likely to be.

Sounds complicated? Actually, it’s simple and pretty cool too! You can measure signal strength yourself. We will cover that in a future post on this blog.

How do you solve your missed or dropped calls and low download speed issues? Your carrier cannot help. Your distance from the cell tower, topography and certain building materials interfere with coverage, and these factors are not likely to change any time soon.

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