What Causes Cell Phone Dead Zones – How to Fix the Problem?

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If you are wondering what causes cell phone dead zones, you only have to look at the signal bars on your phone. A weak signal can make the 5 bars drop suddenly to as little as 2 or no bars when you move to certain areas within your building or on your property. These areas are known as dead zones where you are not able to make or receive calls, or download data. There are a number of factors responsible for this issue:

  • Distance from cell tower: Your proximity to the cell tower impacts your signal strength. The further away you are, the weaker your signal will be. Since cell towers are not uniformly distributed, certain areas will fall into a dead zone. While this is more common in rural locations which have fewer towers, urban areas that are on the periphery of a coverage zone or in between two zones might also experience similar service issues.
  • Obstructions: Trees, hills, mountains, high rise buildings and certain building materials tend to interfere with the transmission of cell signals and may block them out entirely. While it may seem strange and puzzling, it is not uncommon to find that you are missing coverage in some parts of your home or office building. This is because the cell signal has difficulty navigating certain building materials like metal and concrete or dense rebar. This is also the reason why you might experience a temporary outage in underground spaces like tunnels, subway stations, parking garages, as well as when you step into an elevator.
  • Weather: Dense clouds, heavy precipitation and temperature inversion can also weaken or block out your cell coverage. This explains why you might lose service when there are high winds or stormy weather conditions.
  • Volume: The number of users accessing a particular cell tower also impacts the quality or strength of the cell signal. High volume can cause your coverage to drop. That is why many users find themselves unable to connect during a disaster or any other event that prompts a large volume of calls within a short period of time.

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