What 5G Brings that 3G and 4G Could Not

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Hongtao Zhan, SureCall Founder & CEO, explains how 5G will change the future of wireless technology

The shift to 5G, also known as the 5th Generation of wireless networking, will present an exciting opportunity to users of an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, and any other wireless device. The transition to 3G and 4G was largely unnoticed by the average consumer, however, 5G is anticipated to be such a huge advancement that any and all device users will be highly aware of their increased capabilities.

What impact will it have on self-driving cars? How will 5G affect every day mobile users? What can industries like medical, construction, sports, and others do with 5G that they couldn’t with 4G and 3G? Learn about what 5G means for the future of the world in VentureBeat’s latest article from Hongtao Zhan, SureCall Founder & CEO.

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