Unlimited Cellular Data Still Has a Price: Cellular Signal Boosters Can Help

Consumers Shouldn’t Let Their Neighbors Contribute To Data Throttling.

As more mobile carriers make the move to unlimited data plans for their customers, most consumers aren’t aware this comes with an unexpected drawback – they don’t work well with Microcells.

Many carrier customers, particularly those that live in remote areas or buildings made with materials that block RF signals, have purchased Microcells from AT&T or CellSpot from T Mobile to enhance their in-building cellular signals.

These devices can create a cellular signal not only in the purchasing consumer’s home but in homes nearby too. Cell phones and other cellular-enabled devices can connect to the consumer’s cellular network — they’ll see a Microcell nearby as a cell tower and connect to it. Phone calls, text messages, and cellular data will then be transferred over these personal Internet connections. There’s no way of stopping anyone nearby, using a phone or other device, from connecting to this personal network. This slows down data speeds.

Another result of this is extra data being transferred over a private home network.  While many carriers advertise “unlimited data”, in reality once you’ve hit your carriers’ data threshold they will provide additional data at slower speeds. This also contributes to slower data speeds. If a consumer has a large number of nearby cellular devices connected to their Microcell they’ll hit their monthly threshold faster and see slower speeds for the rest of the month.

There is a solution –  cellular signal boosters. The router that works with these unlimited data plans works over cellular networks. Not only do consumers receive unlimited data, they’ll also receive unlimited, consistent cellphone reception.

SureCall has a flagship line of cellular signal boosters for all environments: car, RV, home office and large buildings. For more information check out www.surecall.com.

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