Trends in Manufacturing Plant Communications and Cell Phone Reception

84% of Users Experience Problems with Connectivity and Clarity

A recent nationwide survey of US manufacturers by Motorola indicated that poor cellphone reception hampered communications and consequently, plant productivity. In fact 84% of the respondents said they were negatively affected by it. With cellphones being one of the primary ways staff stayed connected with each other, both efficiency and safety were at risk.

Here are some of the main issues surrounding cellphone usage and reception in manufacturing plants:

  • 94% said it was difficult to hear clearly in the noisy manufacturing environment
  • 85% were concerned about coverage during emergencies or outages
  • 84% believe that dead spots or problems with cell phone reception are a continuing challenge
  • 76% said productivity is limited because cellphones are not one-to-many communication
  • 72% believed cell phones are simply not rugged enough for plants

With downtime and safety being major concerns and poor cellphone reception contributing to it in a large way, manufacturers were asked what improvements they would like to see.

  • Close to 50% said that an updated system would improve coverage, clarity and worker safety
  • More than 60% wanted text messaging
  • Over 60% wanted to be able to use a smart phone to connect directly to radio users (the other major form of communications in manufacturing plants)

Distance from cellphone towers, interfering building materials and topography are often the main reason for dead spots, choppy reception, dropped calls and low download speeds. With any of these unlikely to change anytime soon, a high-powered cellphone signal booster might be the most effective solution.

SureCall Cell Phone Signal Boosters: 5 Bars Where You Would Only Get 1

SureCall’s flagship product line of FCC-approved cellphone reception boosters like the Force5, DualForce, Fusion5, etc. have proven to have the highest 4G data rate in the industry. Many Fortune 100 and 500 companies, including Exxon Mobile, Chrysler and Hewlett-Packard rely on our cellular products to stay connected.

Our Force5 signal booster is one of the most popular solutions for commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and large complexes. It offers a 5-bar signal where you would normally get just 1, and supports up to 100 users in areas up to 80,000 sq. Since its introduction in 2009, thousands of successful installations have been completed for businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada

SureCall has a wide range of solutions to help meet a variety of business requirements. They are easy to setup and improve the range and reception of any cellular transmission. Our amplifiers can boost voice and data coverage in any building, irrespective of size, location, terrain or type of building.

An industry-exclusive, 3-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee demonstrates our commitment to product quality and your satisfaction. In return, our customers have rewarded us with the lowest return rate in the market.

SureCall cell phone signal boosters are an affordable, reliable and smart solution for manufacturing plants, medium-sized businesses, large buildings, corporate campuses and even homes.

Ask us how your business can enjoy enhanced range and reception with a SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster. Buy through one of our resellers in the USA and Canada or call us at 888-365-6283.

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