Total Wireless Coverage Maps

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Everything you need to know about Total Wireless coverage.

Total Wireless is a zero-contract month-to-month wireless provider. They offer simple plans at low prices, making them a mobile plan of choice for a variety of consumers. Plans start as low as $25/month for a single line of unlimited talk and text only and increase from there depending on the number of lines and amount of data you choose.

Additionally, Total Wireless piggybacks on the Verizon Wireless network and as a result has much of Verizon’s same great nationwide coverage.

Total Wireless 4G Coverage Map

Total Wireless 4G Coverage Map

The above map shows Total Wireless’ 4G coverage. As we saw earlier, Total Wireless is on the Verizon network and features the same great coverage across all major cities and urban areas. Because of this, the Total Wireless network has a similar ability to offer 4G coverage to more than 326.5 million people over 2.56 million square miles through their network provider.

Total Wireless used to be known for only offering limited data packages up to 25GB with the opportunity to purchase new data as needed. However, Total Wireless now offers an unlimited data plan, although the data downgrades to 2G data after 25GB. Since Verizon is known for having a less robust 2G and 3G network, this may mean decreased coverage for Total Wireless customers once they use up their high-speed data.

Total Wireless 2G & 3G Coverage

Total Wireless 2G & 3G Coverage Map

Even if you’re using a 4G LTE compatible phone, you may want to take a close look at the Wireless Coverage 2G and 3G coverage map. That’s because most major networks will detail whether the data you’ll have access to is 4G LTE or 3G (or even the up-and-coming 5G). However, Total Wireless only states you’ll receive “high-speed” data without confirming whether this is 4G LTE or 3G. The only qualification they do offer is to say that with their unlimited plan, users will be toggled down to 2G data after reaching the 25GB data cap.

A Couple Caveats About Total Wireless’ Coverage Maps

1.) Your Total Wireless network speed will most likely be slower than the speeds Verizon customers experience—perhaps up to 23% slower. Even though Total Wireless is on the same network as Verizon, Verizon prioritizes their own customers over MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) customers such as Total Wireless. There are even rumors that Verizon intentionally throttles MVNO customers to make their own service more attractive.

2.) It’s unclear whether or not Verizon’s 3rd party providers are included in the Wireless Coverage network. Verizon is secretive about what areas are serviced by Verizon’s proprietary towers and which are serviced by third parties. This means the coverage map doesn’t differentiate between Verizon service and 3rd party service since it’s all included in the Verizon plan. However, it’s unclear whether Total Wireless includes these 3rd party providers as well or if it only uses Verizon’s proprietary network. Many MVNOs will charge additional data rates when roaming on these 3rd party networks; fortunately, Total Wireless has no such fine print.

3.) The coverage map is a “best case scenario.” As with all mobile coverage maps, the Total Wireless coverage map is only an indication of cell tower location and doesn’t actually accurately depict coverage or signal strength. That’s because signal strength can be diminished by any number of factors, including uneven terrain, trees, buildings, and weather.

Boosting Total Wireless Signal Strength

If you’re experiencing slow speeds or limited bars from Total Wireless in your area or if you receive decreased signal strength in your home, office, or car, then investing in a cellular signal booster can help increase your Total Wireless signal strength and speed. Explore cell signal boosters for your home, office, or for your vehicle.

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  1. Derek Anderson says:

    … do you even mobile data bro? When you get throttled you do NOT change to 3g networks… Coverage won’t change, LTE coverage will still be in-effect.

  2. Susan Yudasz says:

    My total wireless service has been amazing until march. I. Now can call and text but cannot get internet even at 2am. Considering purchasing a signal booster but, wondering how effective it would be?

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    Thanks for your question Susan. Based on what you mentioned a booster should work excellent. Having enough signal for call and text, means you’ve got enough to be boosted. Curious if March is when the leaves come back on the trees around you? Most don’t know, but leaves can be troublesome for cell signal. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about which booster may be the best for your specific situation:

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