Top 10 Smart Home Devices

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A smart home device.

Smart homes are gaining popularity and for a good reason. There are many reasons why increasing your home’s IQ is an excellent idea. For starters, smart devices in your home can increase your quality of life. Your home will be cozier and more comfortable. Additionally, smart gadgets are designed to save energy. Not only will they make your home eco-friendly, but they will also save you money. What’s best, smart home gadgets and devices are not a luxury anymore. The market has grown competitive, and there are more and more brands. While this makes smart devices more affordable, it also presents a dilemma for an average homeowner. Here’s our choice of the top ten smart home devices!

#1 Smart lights are an excellent start

If you want to boost your home’s ‘intelligence’, installing smart lights is a simple and yet effective first step. They come in a wide range of interior and exterior lights, and you can install them yourself. What’s best, they boast a variety of colors and effects. Not to mention you can customize and control them with an app or voice assistants.

#2 Cell signal boosters will enhance your signal

Wherever you live, installing one of these will significantly improve your cell service. Home cell phone signal boostersamplify the signal from cell towers and distribute it inside your home. What’s more, they’ll boost coverage area, not only for one but for multiple cell phones at the same time. That enables you to maximize the service you get from your provider and increases your connectivity.

#3 Smart speakers are one of the must-have smart home devices

Smart speakers are a great entertainment and information source in every household. Apart from playing music, they provide you with news and weather updates. However, that’s not their most important role. What makes them truly essential is that they can enable you to control all other smart appliances in your home!

A black smart speaker on a table
Smart speakers are one of the most useful smart home devices – they enable you to connect all your other smart appliances.

#4 Smart thermostat is a good addition to every home

Smart thermostats do everything the traditional ones do. However, they have many other useful functions that you’ll love! For example, what makes them smart is the fact that they can learn your habits. That way, they can adjust cooling and heating at different times of day to suit your preferences!

#5 Smart cameras will significantly contribute to your home’s safety

There’s no better option than installing smart cameras for those who want to make their homes extra secure. Smart cameras provide high-quality resolution footage both during the day and at night. They also boast motion sensors, sound-recording capabilities as well as built-in speakers and microphones. What’s best, you can install them yourself and control them with ease via an app.

#6 Smart video doorbells and locks for extra security level

If you always want to additionally increase the safety of your home, smart locks and doorbells are the way to go. Video doorbell will provide you with clear and detailed footage of the person at your doorstep (in almost full length!) at all times of day and night. At the same time, with a smart lock, you’ll be able to remotely lock and unlock your door as well as to set auto-lock if you want to.

#7 Wi-fi smart plugs are extra useful

Technology constantly marches on, and smart homes are becoming more common. And a secret to creating a seamless smart home is installing a smart plug. This device allows you to control other appliances plugged into it. Additionally, it will enable you to automate your home and monitor your energy usage.

#8 Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a healthy choice

Installing a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector is another way to make your home more secure. Not only will it tell you what room the danger is coming from, but it will also give you visual and auditory cues. Also, it connects well with other smart home devices. For example, it could automatically turn on the lights to help you locate the danger and leave your home if necessary.

#9 Robot vacuum cleaners are among the most popular smart home devices

Vacuuming is probably not anyone’s favorite home chore! Smart vacuum cleaners are a perfect solution. These little robots can adapt automatically to cleaning carpets or hard surfaces and get to those hard-to-reach surfaces. Not to mention you can remotely control them by using an app or your smart speakers!

A smart vacuum cleaner
Robot vacuums are both useful and efficient – plus, they are easy to control.

#10 Smart air purifiers are a good choice

If your primary goal is to increase the quality of life for yourself and your family, smart air purifiers are an excellent start. They’re compatible with voice and assistants, and they allow you to track data (real-time and data history). Most importantly, they enable you to detect types of toxins in your home and alert you when it’s time to change the filters.

Things to consider before you switch to a smart home

In the sea of smart home devices, it’s not easy to choose the right ones for your home. Here are a few simple tips to help you.

Buying a smart home

This is becoming a prevalent choice among young professionals and first-time homebuyers. Instead of building your smart system from scratch, you can buy a home that already has it. Ensure you find an experienced real estate agent and other professionals who can check that everything is up and running before relocation. Similarly, don’t forget to hire licensed movers to help you relocate stress-free. Hiring amateurs carries a lot of potential risks. After all, pros are always the better option – regardless of whether we’re talking about smart homes or relocation.

A smart home illustration
Smart homes can improve your life – explore different options and appliances!

Choose the voice assistant first

Not all devices work with all voice assistants. Therefore, if you’re just starting your smart home, it’s best to choose the voice assistant first – Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s HomeKit. Once you’ve done that, check that the device you want is compatible with your voice assistant. Additionally, check whether your smart speaker can perform this function.

Do you need a smart home hub?

Finally, consider whether you need or want a home hub. A smart home hub is a network that allows you to connect all your devices and make them work together. Alternatively, there is a possibility that smart speakers or displays can perform the same function.

The bottom line

Don’t be afraid to explore different options and see what works best for your home. Then, consider which smart home devices will improve your life the most. And remember that, while it may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, creating a smart home is definitely worth it.

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