Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home Office

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Work from home (WFH) has allowed some people to be creative and productive in a familiar environment. 

However, challenges arising from this work setup have also presented themselves. Distractions, poor internet connectivity, and time management are just a few issues you may encounter when working from home.

         For these reasons, having reliable and secure WiFi for the home office, a cell phone signal booster like Fusion4Home, and an environment conducive to working are necessary to increase productivity.

Home Office Upgrades for an Environment More Conducive to Working

         Transform your WFH setup with these impressive upgrades:

Add Plants

         It is well documented that having plants helps individuals concentrate better. The calming influence of nature allows people to focus on the task at hand, leading to high-quality results.

A research article posted on the official website of the University of Exeter stated that enhancing a “lean” office with plants may increase productivity by 15%. The researchers also observed that “green” offices may help employees feel happier and more productive.

Another article published in the journal Nature suggested that spending at least 120 minutes per week in natural environments may be associated with good health and well-being.

Suppose you’re not spending much time outside your home. In that case, you may bring nature into your home office instead and benefit from a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. 

Having a green thumb isn’t a requirement. You may start by adding one small plant to your desk. It’s relaxing to look at, and you can take care of it easily.

Increase Natural Light 

         Numerous studies have shown that light has visual and non-visual influences on humans. Sunlight, for instance, is the most effective in increasing productivity, considering its sufficient quantity and broad light spectrum.

         Furthermore, sunlight is also a vital source of vitamin D, necessary for human bones’ strength and overall health.

         Aside from vitamin D, sunlight can help improve the following:

  • Attention
  • Cognitive performance
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep quality
  • Alertness
  • Subjective mood

You may feel stressed at work occasionally. Thus, make sure to increase natural light in your home office to benefit from vitamin D.

Researchers behind a meta-analysis suggested that vitamin D deficiency may be linked with depression.

         So, open your windows or consider painting your home office walls and ceilings white or any light color. You may also want to install skylights on your roof to bring in more sunshine to your home office.

Use Room Dividers

         Make sure to separate your workspace from a larger room to present a less distracting background. It’ll also give you some privacy each time you have virtual meetings.

         Using room dividers is also a great way to improve your home office without making structural changes.

You may look for a folding-style room divider that can be easily packed up and stored. If you’re not a fan of it and want to have a more permanent solution that’s still within budget, you may want to consider using freestanding bookshelves instead.  

Invest in Cabinets and Storages

         You may hang cabinets above your workstation to maximize space. You may place your old documents there or other office supplies.

For your cables, cords, and wires, you can purchase various cable organizers online.

Use Ergonomic Chairs

         An article from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) suggested that a correctly set up workstation may reduce pain and discomfort. In addition, it may also decrease a person’s risk of developing cumulative trauma disorder.

         Cumulative trauma disorder or CTD refers to various nervous and musculoskeletal systems injuries triggered by repetitive tasks. CTD can also result from:

  • Forceful exertions
  • Vibrations
  • Mechanical compression
  • Sustained postures 

         For this reason, your workstation must be tailored to your needs to ensure safety and comfort. Your chair, in particular, must be adjustable.

Here is a little information about ergonomic chairs:

  1. The chair’s height must be kept flat on the floor, with your knees at just about 90o angle.
  • For the width, you must leave space for two to four fingers between the edge of both the thigh and seat pan.
  • The seat depth must have space for two to four fingers between the front of the seat and the back of the knee.
  • Your chair must provide lower and middle back support.
  • Remember the 90o rule. You should be able to bend your hips, knees, and ankles at approximately 90o while sitting.
  • If your chair has armrests, ensure to lower them so they don’t come into contact with your elbow. Your arms must hang freely by your side while sitting.  


         When working from home, you have the opportunity to bring more personality to your workspace.

So aside from the suggestions mentioned in this article, have fun decorating your home office by adding photos that make you smile or artworks that inspire you.

These upgrades may seem simple, but you’ll be surprised how these minor tweaks can turn your dull home office into a relaxing oasis conducive to productivity.

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