The Cell Phone Signal Booster From Under The Stairs

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Cellular signal boosters need to be installed in a dry, climate-controlled environment to ensure optimal booster performance and signal booster life.

The Cell Phone Signal Booster From Under The Stairs

Recently, our Tech Support team received a return from a customer that looked a little peculiar. The SureCall Fusion5X signal booster was not working and all the lights were all red, which means that all the bands had shut down. With this being a unit that just came out within the last year, our tech team was puzzled. We don’t get boosters returned very often and when they are returned it is usually because the install required adjustments that were not implemented on-site or they did not have adequate outside cellular signal to begin with (cell phone signal boosters need a small amount of signal to boost).  In fact, SureCall has an industry leading less than 1% return rate on its products and has maintained that status for over a decade.  Upon further investigation as to why this signal booster was not working properly, the tech team opened it up and saw this:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to The Cell Phone Signal Booster From Under the Stairs. What you see there, my friends, is not spilled coffee!

What Caused This Damage?

The customer mounted their Fusion5X under the stairs in the basement.  Sounds like a reasonable spot, right?  Out of sight, out of mind.  The problem is that there was quite a bit of moisture that was getting into the booster and, as you can see by the oxidation, the components rusted out quickly.  While SureCall cellular signal boosters are quite resilient, they do require a little TLC (don’t we all).  Most of our boosters can handle temperatures between -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but just like all electronics, moisture is bad for their health.

The Ideal Location For A Cellular Signal Booster

It is suggested that the booster itself be installed in a climate controlled, dry place, like a linen closet or an above ground garage.  Attics can work sometimes as well, but you have to watch out for wet Springs, hot Summers and frigid Winters as these conditions can damage the internal components.  If you can find the right place for your cellular signal booster, it will give you years of reliable signal and SureCall will continue to give you the best tech support possible for the lifetime of that booster.

And as for the customer who sent back the water-damaged booster- they now have a new booster installed in a dryer part of the home and are again enjoying the benefits of raised bars in their home!

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