The Unassuming Optimizer – The Beginnings of SureCall, Part 3 of 3

If I Don’t Sell, I Don’t Eat.

CEO Hongtao Zhan recalls SureCall’s 15-year journey as “one heck of a ride.” Overcoming early challenges that nearly left him bankrupt, through his persistence, Hong and team have received 3 patents and many more pending in the signal booster industry. SureCall boosters are being installed in buildings throughout the world, and Hong’s commitment to optimization has allowed his product to boast an unchallenged 1% return rate. He describes the feeling of receiving his first patent as one of unmatched, ultimate “fulfillment.” That satisfaction has propelled the ever-growing success of the company.

With SureCall being instrumental in shaping the signal booster industry, it is also at the forefront of it today. The company has deftly adapted to technological changes over the past 15 years, boosting cell signalsfor 2G and 3G as well as being the first to offer all 4G products as well as integration in their products. Being able to adapt to changes in technology also fulfills Hong’s driving desire to connect people.  In looking ahead to future tech changes, Hong remarks, “I believe signal boosters will be instrumental for the growth of 5G.” With the signal frequency being so high, 5G will have even more difficulty penetrating through building walls. Boosters like SureCall will be a necessity in keeping consumers and businesses connected. Based on his vision, Hong believes wideband signal boosters will continue to be the most cost-effective solution for bringing existing carrier signals into homes, vehicles and buildings.

Reflecting on his 15-year career in the signal booster industry, Hong considers his challenges a welcome experience. “I have enjoyed it all the way,” he says. In thinking of his beginnings of achieving the American Dream, he remarks, “When you start from the bottom of the bottom, you can only go up.”  Growing up in a remote city in China, Hong considered Thomas Edison one of his biggest inspirations, who also had humble beginnings and went on to become one of the most recognized inventors in history. From a Chinese student chasing the American Dream to an inventor and innovator in one of our world’s most critical markets, Hong is an inspiration to not only his employees and colleagues, but to any entrepreneur hoping to make more through humble beginnings.

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the beginnings of SureCall and its founder Hongtao Zhan.

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