SureCall vs Femtocells: A Customer’s Perspective

The real cost of Femtocells- save your bandwidth with a SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster.

I was at a friend’s house recently to celebrate his move into a new apartment with his bride. Once the tour ended and the rent discussion subsided, we got to talking about his cellular reception. I, being a proponent and employee of SureCall, am always curious to see how widespread reception issues are and how I can help. My friend Ray said, “Stacy and I actually switched carriers recently because our cellular signal was awful in our new place.” He also mentioned that while going through the subscription process, their new carrier offered them a home cellular enhancement system for free to help with the poor indoor signal strength. This system is called a femtocell.

Femtocells connect to your Ethernet to provide enhanced reception through your internet connection. There are quite a few drawbacks to this product. For starters, it consumes bandwidth. This is an issue for me because I don’t have access to fiber in my home so the Wi-Fi is already my secondary choice for data downloads or streaming. Some Femtocells also require a log in for each new user. This is inconvenient for guests and is also limited to a predetermined number of users. Femtocells also typically require a monthly subscription much like adding a tablet or subsequent wireless device. The nail in the coffin for me is that they are carrier specific. If I have guests over that use a different carrier or if I decide to change my carrier, this device will be of no use to them or me.

Another major drawback is that these amplifiers can be hacked allowing access to your voice calls, data and SMS text messages. To learn more about this go to:

That’s where signal boosters, like the EZ 4G from SureCall, come in. These devices are carrier neutral, do not require user logins, do not suck up bandwidth, do not require a monthly subscription and use the signal that you already pay for every month. In fact, with the cellular booster I have in my home and the unlimited 4G data plan I have with my carrier I can reserve my bandwidth for the tablets we use or the movies we like to stream. The EZ 4G from SureCall sets up in minutes and generates a hotspot of reliable signal wherever you need it. No more going outside during the winter in Wisconsin or the summer in Florida to make a call. Ah, sweet climate control.

To find out more about cell phone signal boosters, click here for our full line of products. We have boosters for vehicles, homes and buildings so there is no application too big or too small. Try us out and you’ll see why we are the ‘go to’ when ‘out of range’ is out of the question.