SureCall March 2020 Press Corner

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Business Moves Home

In all honesty, it’s tough to write about March without pausing to reflect on what it meant to all of us. It was filled with fear, panic and uncertainty as the world watched a virus spread across their nations, and leaders did their best to protect those who were most at risk. Our thoughts and well wishes were to those on the frontlines battling this disease and doing our best to keep our team and others safe, but also productive.

As many millions transitioned to work from home, we saw demand increase dramatically for our residential or home cell phone signal boosters. Many who may have been OK with spotty coverage at home before were now forced to look for solutions that would help them stay connected so that work could move forward and jobs could be protected.

This is why almost all of our coverage from March relates to working from home and signal boosters that allow users to stay connected and productive. We believe strongly we’ll get through this troubling time and wish everyone out there our best to adapt, stay strong and do what they can to protect their families, loved ones and even their businesses.

Tech Tools for a Pandemic Featured on Fox News

Kurt “The Cyber Guy” Knutsson, has been busy collecting information about products and apps people can use to stay connected and continue to work while from home. He took this message to the audience from the Fox News Channel and talked about how the SureCall Fusion4Home cell signal booster works to keep people connected.

“You hook this to the roof and put the box in your house,” he said.Suddenly, it brings the cellular connection inside your house so that the whole family has super fast data and no drop calls. It really really genuinely works and is amazing.” See the whole segment here.

Work from Home Technology

In addition to The Cyber Guy, other media outlets were looking for the best signal boosters to recommend to their audiences, many of whom were desperate for ways to set up their work from home offices.

Built for easy set-up and installation, the EZ 4G is built for smaller homes or apartments where getting an antenna on the roof can be difficult.

Hannah Matthews from Codeword was on KUTV (CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City) to talk about ways people can keep working from home. Speaking about the SureCall EZ 4G small home or apartment signal booster, she said “You set this up in your window, it takes no time to set up and it will increase every cell booster within the first 2,000 square feet. Ever since getting this, our battery life has extended and we don’t drop any more calls.

In a write-up about several of the top online sellers during the Coronavirus crisis, The Oregonian mentioned the SureCall Fusion4Home. They mentioned, A signal amplifier helps reduce the number of dropped calls and improves battery life, audio quality and faster data and streaming. This one’s signal can reach up to 2,000 square feet in an omnidirectional pattern and be used by multiple users in multiple rooms on the same floor.”

Boats Need Connectivity Too

The team at Panbo, the marine electronics hub, know how to review a product and put it through a test. In this review, they looked at the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0, which is primarily built for vehicles, but also reviewed the Shakespeare Stream, which is powered by a SureCall amplifier.

In their review titled, “Cell Boosters for Pandemic Times, Testing Shakespeare Stream & SureCall Fusion2Go,” they highlighted the importance of connectivity for marine applications. “With COVID-19 stalking the planet, settling down in a remote Maine anchorage sounds even more attractive than usual. But I’ll also want a connection to family, news, etc. even more than usual, and reliable cell service remains a long term issue in many of the sweetest spots along this coast (and elsewhere), despite what the service provider coverage maps show. So I’m pleased to report on two related cell boosters that have already worked pretty well for me.

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