SureCall July 2019 Press Corner

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Welcome SureCallers and new visitors to our first Press Corner, which is a series of monthly signal booster news updates celebrating SureCall’s presence in the public space. We hope to share some exciting press mentions here while also giving you front-line insights on things we are working on, including future developments within the company.

General News

Pace International recently partnered with SureCall as a distributor of our boosters. While Pace offers a wide range of electronics on their reseller site, they hope to focus on the RV segment, where they have a strong history of business. SureCall looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Pace International!

On a side-note, SureCall’s VP of Marketing, Jon Bacon, recently published a thought leadership piece on Forbes where he draws from his decades of experience to discuss the nuances of working with Influencers:

Fusion2Go Max

With the release of our Fusion2Go Max, the high-performance booster for vehicles, earlier this month, we saw a plethora of buzz around the product as well as its patented Extended Range Technology (ERT). ERT is unique to SureCall and is incredibly exciting because it offers drastically better performance improvements than any other booster in its class, especially when it comes to connection speed.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what the technicians at Solid Signal had to say after benchmarking our Fusion2Go Max:


Dave Taylor shares his thoughts on our N-Range vehicle booster, with the whole video all in a single take! “This device [definitely] helps me with cell phone signals. Cool, Simple, and Beneficial!” says Dave. Those of you who share Dave’s approach to our current N-Range phone cradle need not worry as we are developing an alternative Cradle option which would eliminate the need for a magnetic strip.


Darren over at One Cut Reviews tests and shares his thoughts on the Flare, our entry-level booster for Home/Small Office. Darren says, “Now, we are no cellular technology experts and come from the average joe position on this one but normally, especially in the lower levels of our office, we get 1 maybe 2 bars of service, but since installing the flare, we now get a solid 3 bars on our smartphone and even more on the main and upper levels.” Read more about his unboxing experience here:

Flare 3 Signal Booster News

That’s it for this month’s highlights! To stay up-to-date with the latest news in the Signal Booster space, like and follow us on Facebook!

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