Guardian3 QR Ensures Public Safety and Compliance for Commercial Buildings

Public safety communications amplifier provides enhanced coverage, peace of mind for emergency responders.

SPECIAL TO IWCE – Fremont, Calif. – March 27, 2017 – SureCall, the premium signal booster manufacturer, today announced its latest signal amplifier, the Guardian3 QR (Quick Response). The tri-band, bi-directional signal booster enhances all public safety frequencies, improving the quality of first responder communications, especially in buildings with weak signal strength.

“New construction in public buildings like offices, hotels and hospitals are being made more energy efficient, however this also degrades cellular signals,” said Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall. “Our new Guardian3 QR provides compliance, safety, and peace of mind for building owners, ensuring that emergency responders are able to communicate in the most critical moments.”

In the majority of cases, newly constructed buildings with an area of at least 10,000 square feet per floor, and at least three floors high are required to have signal strength of -95 dBm or better in designated critical areas – elevators, stairwells, etc. – in order to receive a certificate of occupancy.  The Guardian3 QR has a max gain of 80 dB on the public safety bands, and output power up to 26 dB. It improves coverage up to 80,000 square feet for all public safety bands including 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready), 800 MHz, and 900 MHz SMR and can support 100+ simultaneous users per band.

The Guardian3 QR also meets the code for Chapter 24 Emergency Communications System of NFPA72 and features a NEMA 4 rated amplifier housing, which eliminates the need for an additional NEMA enclosure. Additionally, the Guardian3 QR comes equipped with 7-pin alarming capability, UPS and Ethernet port enabled remote monitoring.

SureCall’s Guardian3 QR is now available for $6,669. For more information about SureCall, the Guardian3 QR and to find a professionally certified installer, visit

About SureCall

Founded in 2001, SureCall is the multi-patented, award-winning industry leader in cell phone signal boosters, combining high quality technology with innovative designs to create award-winning boosters that dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, cars and businesses. Major players in the hospitality, automotive, technology and industrial fields, along with institutions like NASA and academic institutions such as Stanford and Duke, trust SureCall’s FCC-approved boosters to make their signals go the distance.

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