SureCall Flare Makes CBS Pittsburgh’s “Most Interesting” List

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Dr. Frank includes the SureCall Flare as one of his “most interesting” products for home on CBS Pittsburgh Today

Yesterday, in their “What’s New Dr. Frank” segment, the CBS Pittsburgh Today Show presented Dr. Frank’s favorite new items for home and travel. Alongside YETI Coolers and new tech gadgetry for privacy and data storage, the SureCall Flare cell phone signal booster was included because it allows wireless device users to amplify their cellular signal at home, in their cabin, or within the walls of a small office.

“Some of these things don’t look so great but what SureCall has done is they really came up with a great design that is a very simple install,” explains Dr. Frank. This cell phone signal booster will take the cellular signal outside of your home, cabin, or small office and will amplify that signal inside of the walls of that space to give you crystal clear call quality and improved wireless data speeds.

The SureCall Flare will cover spaces up to about 2,000 square-feet and our other cell phone signal boosters can provide the same results for vehicles and RV’s, larger homes and offices, and commercial spaces up to 100,000 square-feet.


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