SureCall Continues To Make Significant Gains With Top Integrators

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CE Pro is widely regarded as one of the best publications for professional integrators of residential electronics. Their reviews and industry analyses span the categories of audio, video, networking, automation and home enhancements. Recently, CE Pro released their 2017 Brand Analysis report which features how the various brands in the industry have been growing, and which brands are making strides and deserve your attention.

According to this year’s report, SureCall now commands 15 percent of the cell phone booster market, while its largest competitor maintains 52 percent of the market. While that may seem like quite a gap, if we compare the reports from the two years, you’ll see what we’re so excited about.

SureCall Grows 150 percent in One Year

Based on the 2016 CE Pro report, SureCall controlled 6 percent of the market, with the same competitor controlling 49 percent. This means that in the span of one year the competitor has only grown their influence 6 percent while SureCall has grown 150 percent! In fact, CE Pro mentions that SureCall has “continued to make strides to narrow the gap.”

We love seeing growth like this, and while growth may seem attributed to an increase of the industry as a whole, our largest competitor would have felt the same level of growth we experienced. Instead, we attribute our growth to a few things, which in the end, make up our DNA.

Quality and Innovation

SureCall has long been known for our quality and innovative approach to engineering cell phone signal boosters. One of these early innovations was “compartmentalized design,” an invention that keeps all of the components from creating too much noise, which can weaken the amplified signal. SureCall also uses aluminum alloy casings in nearly every signal booster for both the commercial and residential markets. These cases include heat sinks well above the industry standard that help the boosters stay cool to protect the components even after years of continued use. Our quality material and innovative design are part of the reason SureCall has been able to maintain a less than 1 percent return rate of products in over a decade.

SureCall continues to innovate with our signal boosters being the only ones on the market that are VoLTE (voice over LTE) certified to boost the signal for this new technological feature. Additionally, our new Force5 2.0 is the only booster to offer built-in remote monitoring and control and can be optimized with the use of SureCall’s mobile app. — game-changing benefits for integrators.

Owner-Operated Ensures Trust

Another reason for SureCall’s success is that it is privately owned, allowing us to closely maintain the values the company was founded on. The founder’s vision to innovate and create the best-performing products that deliver a world-class user experience is apparent in every product. Being owner-operated also allows for more flexibility, as we don’t answer to a board of directors for every decision made. Instead, the process is the polar opposite, where the first question prior to making  any decision is, “What is best for our customer?”

Industry Experience and Support

Over the last two years, we’ve made significant investments in our staff, adding trusted industry voices to our sales and marketing departments to help further support integrators and dealers. The management team alone has more than 50 years of combined experience in the signal booster industry — many more than our largest competitor. Additionally, during the past year we’ve streamlined our training programs, and strengthened our complimentary solution design services. SureCall continues to offer superior customer service by employing knowledgeable and responsive technical support representatives.

Our Value Proposition and Integrity

At SureCall, we believe in delivering the best to our customers, whether it’s in our products or our service. Our customer service representatives must pass a rigorous certification process before being able to provide technical support to our customers. This ensures certified quality and peace of mind for our customers. Quality is part of our integrity, and we will continue to deliver the best services. As the wireless market evolves with 5G just on the horizon, SureCall will be leading the charge in signal reliability.

By Frankie Smith, SureCall VP of Sales

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