Storm-Chaser Approved: Meteorologist Reviews the Fusion2Go 2.0

In May, I went through a couple of cell phone amplifiers. I moved away from my Wilson amplifier, as I needed something that supported a number of clients/networks at once and simultaneous transmit/receive. I then spent almost $600 on the Max Signal cell phone amplifier. It was touted as a great device, but I never was able to get it to function right in my vehicle setup. You have to have a certain amount of separation between antennas, and it seemed too finicky. Enter SureCall.

I first picked up a Fusion2Go amp, after a recommendation from my friend Steve Polley. I was instantly blown away. I had full control over each cell phone band and was able to fine tune my amp to turn things up/down so it would run smoothly. I could watch it auto adjust its power to prevent issues, etc. After a few weeks of use, I got in contact with SureCall and was sent a new unit, the Fusion2Go 2.0. This amp is smaller and smarter. It’s able to control it’s power outputs and it’s always running clean and green. I get a solid boost in signal across all my devices (and networks) almost instantly when turning on the device..Continue reading on

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