7 Small Businesses That Need Signal Boosters

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As the importance of cellular signal in everyday life continues to grow with each passing year, businesses large and small are adapting. Some small businesses have a more pressing need for good cell signal than others. Signal boosters for small businesses are not only increasing in popularity but in necessity.

Cellular technology is continually changing the business world. As tablets, smartphones, and cell tech advance, businesses have more ways for customers and colleagues to stay connected to the brands they love. And it’s safe to say that Skype, Zoom, and Google Chat are just the beginning. Who knows what new ways the future holds for businesses to connect with their customers.

Small businesses have a unique relationship to the ever-changing technological world we live in. Recent data shows that when compared to larger companies, small businesses are becoming even more reliant on the benefits (and necessities) of technology for their success. Perhaps this isn’t as much of a surprise when considering the fact that small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in the U.S.

But even as technology becomes more important to these smaller companies, so many of them have problems with bad cellular connectivity. Businesses in areas with poor cellular signal are certainly at a disadvantage. It negatively affects their employee productivity and their client communication, for instance. All of this has a negative impact on their bottom line. In the absence of a reliable mobile network connection, the truth is they lose money.

How Can Low-Budget Businesses Find Solutions?

SureCall Fusion5s
SureCall Fusion 5s 2.0

We’re happy to tell you that there are connectivity solutions for businesses with poor mobile network connections. And what’s even better is that many of these solutions come with no expensive overhead at all. Take a cell phone signal booster, for instance. Signal boosters work by capturing carrier signals nearby and amplifying them.

Three specific components are brought together by signal boosters:

  • An outside antenna that captures cellular signal from cell towers nearby
  • An inside antenna that rebroadcasts the signal
  • A booster that connects the outside and inside antennas and improves the signal’s reliability

Signal boosters are affordable and easy to install. SureCall cell phone signal boosters can be used in a variety of locations and circumstances. Large warehouses, small restaurants, and a lot more. Our boosters are carrier agnostic. This means that people’s network carriers don’t matter at all. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket – doesn’t matter. Anyone who walks into your business will feel the positive effects of having a signal booster on the premises. If you’re a small business with a small budget, signal boosters are a wonderful solution to poor connectivity issues.

Pooling from our experience and customer base, we identified 7 small businesses that consistently benefit from cell phone signal boosters.

1. Boutique Agencies

signal boosters for small businesses 03

When you provide a specialized service to a specific demographic, as boutique agencies often do, it’s arguably even more important to stay connected to clients compared to more traditional businesses. Employees who work at these places typically rely heavily on communicating across many channels every day. Landing new clients can be a meticulous process for boutique agencies. When poor cell signal interrupts an important discovery call, for instance, it can mean back to the drawing board in many circumstances.

Boutique agencies have a reputation for setting up shop in areas with bad cell service. And we don’t mean that they’re out in the middle of nowhere or in small towns. High-rise office buildings and trendy, inner-city work spaces are common locations for these kinds of businesses. But buildings like this often have terrible signal for a variety of reasons. In situations like this, a commercial-grade signal booster will do wonders.

2. Small Restaurants and Delis

signal boosters for small businesses 02

Only recently has the small hospitality industry become highly dependent on modern connectivity. Poor cell connection hasn’t always been a problem for restaurants and delis, even with fielding customer calls and calling in orders to suppliers being necessities. But times have changed.

The rising popularity of mobile payments happened fast, making cell connection extremely important to all brick-and-mortar businesses, not just delis and restaurants. Also, the rise of third-party delivery services has also forced many businesses to change their relationship with technology and to place priority on cellular connectivity.

Knowing this, a poor signal for a place like a small eatery can mean drastic consequences. We know machinery like stoves and ovens interfere with cellular signal, not to mention the vast supply of metal cookware that most restaurants have. Good signal is notoriously scarce in places like this. Installing a cell phone signal booster will make sure that delivery orders keep coming and payments keep processing.

3. Bakeries, Soda Shops, and Coffee Shops

signal boosters for small businesses 01

Similar to restaurants and delis, business like bakeries, soda shops, and coffee shops truly need strong cell signal. These places always have specialized cooking equipment and machinery that can cause problems for cell signals in the immediate area. When this happens, the establishment becomes known for bad cell signal and great food. That’s not good.

Making sure that patrons receive good-to-great cell signals can be an added pressure on businesses like this. But it’s a very important issue to fix because companies like this are often places that people go to hang out or get some work done out of the office. All it takes for a customer to go elsewhere are a few quick moments where they discover the service is bad in your store.

But cell phone signal boosters make it so easy to fix these issues.

4. Independent Retail Shops

signal boosters for small businesses 04

Some are surprised to learn that of the entire retail industry in the U.S., 95% are independent businesses. Saying that independent retailers are the backbone of the small-business economy is an enormous understatement. And these companies need reliable connectivity – just as much as the big guys – to keep their business moving forward.

The ability to process orders reliably for products sold in-store is vital, as is quickly printing physical receipts for customers. Many independent retail shops print hundreds of receipts every day. These are online transactions. That means they require adequate connectivity in order to work. If the signal is poor, it can affect the business in a big way.

Independent retailers with connectivity issues need to install an in-building signal booster. This will eliminate all the concerns related to bad cellular signal and will make sure that transactions and processes run smoothly.

5. Auto Body Shops and Mechanics

signal boosters for small businesses 05

Most auto body shops today use modern gadgets and devices that interface with vehicles and make diagnosing problems easier and more accurate. Devices like these often require an internet connection. These tools are wonderful and increase the quality of work. But as is the case, the conveniences and benefits of modern technology in the auto industry make these businesses more reliant on it. This increases the importance of good on-site connectivity.

But mechanic shops are full of specialized machinery and equipment that interferes with cell signals. That’s why cell signals boosters are so popular (and necessary) in auto body shops. The better the connection, the more productive that shop can be.

6. Laundromats

signal boosters for small businesses 06

Of all the businesses mentioned in this article, laundromats might have the best-known reputation for having weak cell signal. Walls lined with dozens of commercial-grade washers and dryers kill cell signal. This is unfortunate as laundromats are places where people – by necessity – hang out and wait. They stay there until their laundry is finished. And if you’ve ever spent time in a laundromat before, chances are the place had really weak cell signal (and the free Wi-Fi probably stunk, as well).

Wise laundromat owners install cell phone signal boosters in the building. If your laundromat has good cell reception and good Wi-Fi, word will get around, which will turn into more customers.

7. Small Warehouses

signal boosters for small businesses 07

Reliable cell phone connection in small warehouses is crucial to day-to-day operations. Transportation coordination, logging inventory, communicating with employees on the floor, managing shipping and inventory – all of this requires good cell signal.

Strong connectivity also plays an important safety role in warehouses. Every warehouse experiences accidents. If employees can’t make an emergency known from anywhere in the warehouse, this can be an extreme hazard. Reliable connections are of the utmost importance to the well-being and safety of warehouse employees.

A high percentage of warehouses across the country are built in commercial districts or remote locations; areas known to have poor signal. Also, these structures are usually large and made of signal-blocking materials. Putting a cell signal booster in a place like this can really increase safety and add real peace of mind, as well as increase productivity, of course.

The Best Signal Boosters For Small Businesses

Check our SureCall’s line 6 powerful signal boosters for the workplace and choose the one that’s right for you.

7 Small Businesses That Need Signal Boosters – Conclusion

Small business owners represent a significant percentage of our customer-base at SureCall. We create and update many of our products with establishments like these in mind. A signal booster from SureCall can make sure that you and everyone else on the premises can confidently text, call, use mobile and desktop apps. With a strong and reliable connection, so we lift many burdens from the shoulders of businesses owners and patrons.

Whether it’s a small restaurant struggling with delivery demand or a warehouse sick of the poor reception in the building, we highly recommend that you consider investing in a cell phone signal booster. It’s the simplest and most effective connectivity solution for small businesses.

If you have more questions about signal boosters for small businesses or anything else we’ve talked about here, please let us know.

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