40 Jobs That Most Benefit From Cell Signal Boosters

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More people have bought a cell phone signal booster for work in 2020 than in any previous year. Without question, the worldwide lockdown has much to do with the increased sales as more people are working from home than ever before. What’s more, it’s not just home signal booster sales that are on the rise. Boosters designed for vehicle use are also selling more which likely coincides with the fact that in-country travel has increased this year, as well.

So who’s buying all of these devices? What kind of work do they do? What industries benefit the most from cell signal boosters?

SureCall Fusion4Home

We have the data to answer that question. At SureCall, we communicate with almost all of our customers, assessing their needs before purchase as well as following up some time afterward. Through hundreds of thousands of customer relationships, we have a working knowledge of who’s buying our products, what they do for a living, and the circumstances that led to getting a booster of their own.

So, if you work in one of the industries below and you either (1) work from home or (2) put lots of miles on a personal or company vehicle, start thinking about whether or not getting a cell signal booster for work will make your job easier. It’s a virtual guarantee that it will.

First we’ll talk about mobile professions that call for signal boosters designed for vehicles. Then we’ll address jobs that require home or office-based boosters.


Law enforcement

signal booster for work 01

There are police officers assigned to virtually every city in America. And not every one of those cities has good reception. There are thousands of police officers across the nation who are stationed in areas – often rural – where cell signal is spotty. If you’re on the force and you work in a place like this, we strongly suggest getting a cell phone signal booster. Law enforcement officers need to be connected at all times, making adequate signal imperative.

First responders

Good cellular reception is a key ingredient to the life-and-death scenarios that these people engage with every day. Many signal boosters are sold every year to first responders all over the nation.

Truck drivers

signal booster for work 02

Trucking accounts for more signal booster sales than any other vehicle-based industry. These road warriors encounter every possible terrain and every type of weather in every area of the United States, constantly going in and out of dead zones. Cell phone signal boosters are a mainstay in the trucking business. They’re indispensable.

Building contractors

With labor that is almost 100% outdoors, building contractors often use onsite signal boosters to maintain productivity. BCs are known for being on the phone incessantly. Long drives, long days, and lots of demanding, physical work are characteristic. Not to mention the importance building and maintaining relationships with third parties. All of this requires being on call all the time.

Field techs & installers

These positions exist in thousands of industries. Travel is the name of the game for these folks, going from location to location as jobs are scheduled. Having a signal booster for work installed in the vehicle is very common as they’re constantly on the go.


These positions come in many shapes and sizes. But one thing is for sure. Being an integrator involves two things over all else: communication and travel. An organization that creates an integrator role needs someone who keeps all leadership accountable, executes business plans, acts as a mediator, and essentially acts as the glue that keeps the organization together and on the same page. Reliable cell signal is obviously imperative.

Oil field workers

signal booster for work 03

Workers in oil fields and oil rigs rely daily on cell signal boosters. Often out in the middle of nowhere or on a rig offshore, weak signal is pretty much expected. But with a booster, bad signal while traveling and to and from these remote places is a thing of the past.

Construction workers

Like building contractors, construction workers spend virtually all of their time outside. And depending on the location, travel to and from job sites can mean poor or no cell signal in transit. Full-time construction workers can benefit greatly from a booster inside a personal vehicle.


signal booster for work 04

This includes people who work in electricity, internet and cable, water and sewer, trash collection, gas, and even security systems. Lots of communication with superiors and co-workers while on the job. And individual assignments take workers from the suburbs to rural areas and beyond.


This word brings to mind guys in support belts at the top of a telephone pole. Telecom includes those workers, but it also includes the building of cell towers and other wireless communication jobs, including telecom engineers. Someone in the telecom industry who doesn’t have good reception is almost an oxymoron which may be why signal boosters are popular here.


The rail industry is alive and well, even in 2020. Drivers, traffic controllers, administrative assistants, and material handlers are only some of the job titles here. Travel is the name of the game in the rail industry which requires good cell signal.

Transit workers

signal booster for work 05

Public and private transportation is a huge industry in the US. Hundreds of thousands of people nationwide are employed here, from light rail and underground metro to trams, buses, and more. The transportation industry as a whole is a major patron of cell phone signal boosters.

Ride share / Uber & Lyft

Many ride share drivers have signal boosters installed in their vehicles to give their riders the best possible experience.

Taxi / Limo

From traditional taxis to glamorous limos, cell signal boosters are extremely common in these vehicles for obvious reasons.


A courier is not far removed from a truck driver, delivering payloads from point A to point B. Having a signal booster in tow can be vital depending on the courier’s territory.

Environmental workers

This is another industry that is heavily outdoors and often requires extensive travel. Environmental scientists, meteorologists, agriculturists, hydrologists, urban growers, even those working in renewable energy are included here.

Travel bloggers

Many travel bloggers don’t leave home without their signal booster. Considering the large amount of moving in and out of lesser-known and exotic places, boosters are popular with travel bloggers.

Park rangers & park service

signal booster for work 07

In many ways similar to environmental workers, park rangers usually find themselves off the gird (or close to it) where signal is spotty at best.

Lab tech / assistant

Lab techs rely heavily on specialized equipment that often incorporate companion apps, both mobile and desktop. The scientific community is one of the most connected industries in the world as far as what’s required to do their work on a daily basis. Cell reception is critical.

Food delivery

Your delivery guy will have a difficult time finding your address without proper cellular data access. Delivery workers in many areas rely heavily on signal boosters in their vehicles.

Package delivery

signal booster for work 08

UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon, USPS – they all use in-vehicle cell signal boosters when needed.

Storm chaser

See this case study about an actual storm chaser and his experience with a signal booster from SureCall.

Lawn care

Small businesses that primarily provide services outdoors in a variety of locations have been loyal SureCall customers for many years. Landscaping, lawn care, HVAC, etc.

News video crew

signal booster for work 09

Being on a news crew requires enormous amounts of travel. You never where you’re going to be sent one day to the next. News vehicles are often equipped with signal boosters to make sure they stay connected, no matter where they go.

Traveling salesperson

To some, the mental image of a traveling salesperson seems antiquated. But the profession is just as vibrant and important as it’s ever been. And for those in this position who are mainly on the road as opposed to on a plane, signal boosters are immensely helpful.

Film/TV production crew

Shooting in remote, even exotic locations is common for film crews. Picking up quickly and moving to new locations in order to meet deadlines is part of the job. Cell boosters are important to this industry.


Anyone working from home during COVID-19

signal booster for work 10

The response of governments around the world to the coronavirus has forced untold amounts of people to work from home. Positions that traditionally require employees to come into the office are now remote. If this describes you, a signal booster could be a huge help. Visit our blog for many articles about working from home and how signal boosters can help.

First responders on call

Fireman, medical professionals, and other jobs that require being on call 24/7 depend on quality cellular signal to fulfill their duties. First responders must be able to receive calls at all times.

Doctors & Nurses / Telemedicine

In the time of COVID-19, telemedicine is more than just an option. It’s now become the primary form of doctor/patient communication. Video call software like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts are now absolutely essentially to doctors and nurses. And the effectiveness of all this requires cell signal that is up to par.

Education / Teachers / Professors

signal booster for work 11

Like the medical field, public and private education now largely depend on video chats and phone calls in order to maintain social distancing and quarantine requirements with their students.

Here’s a case study about a private school in Florida and their experience installing a booster system on campus.

Small business owners

The economic shutdown of 2020 has been lethal to small businesses. Through valiant efforts to stay afloat, signal boosters are being used more than ever by these local entrepreneurs. Changing business models and practices on the fly, as so many have been forced to do, have made staying connected even more important.

But even before COVID, small business business owners have been utilizing boosters for years. Learn about how this martial arts studio solved lots of problems with a SureCall signal booster.


signal booster for work 12

Being a writer is all but synonymous with working from home. And many writers prefer solitude in isolated locations to get their mojo working. Signal boosters are ideal in these settings.


Similar in many ways to integrators as mentioned in the first section, analysts are perpetually in communication with others. Between documenting and assessing business processes and guiding the company to continual improvement, staying connected is crucial.

Day Traders

This profession is 100% on the phone. For day traders that work remotely, signal boosters are extremely common.

Business / Finance

signal booster for work 13

This encompasses a very wide range of jobs, but people in these industries use a signal booster for work enough that it makes the list.

Tech support

SureCall has installed commercial-grade booster systems in many tech support buildings over the years. Any business that relies on phones should consider the benefits.

Web Design / Support

Technology businesses like web design thrive on being fully connected at all times, when inside or outside the office. When your job is solely dependent on the internet, cell signal is a high-priority.


signal booster for work 14

The life of architect involves constantly visiting sites, frequent collaboration with others in the field, and lots of alone time sketching new ideas. Many architects use signal boosters.


Whether you’re in digital or physical marketing/advertising, a SureCall booster may be just what you need to take your productivity to the next level. We ship lots of our products to marketing and adverting professionals.


This is a way of making a living that previous generations would have thought you were joking when describing it. But many people today aspire to be social media influencers and succeed handsomely at it. Influencers spend extensive amounts of time on social media, video and image creation, and usually travel a good amount as well. Signal boosters come in very handy for these folks.

40 Jobs That Most Benefit From Cell Signal Booster At Work- Conclusion

Do you use a signal booster in a job that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you’d like a recommendation on which signal booster for work would be the best choice for you, we’d love to help.

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