Best Single Device Signal Booster for Mobile: N-Range

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Get better cell service in a car, truck, van, or SUV and stop dropped calls with N-Range.


What is the N-Range Cell Phone Signal Booster?

N-Range is a cell phone signal booster that will improve cell service inside any mobile car, truck, van or SUV. N-Range boosts all cell carrier signals in North America using Extended Range Technology™ (ERT) to capture, amplify and transmit the improved signal more effectively than any other booster on the market. It uses just two components – the N-Range active antenna and an air-vent phone mount with built-in antenna. N-Range is the best single device signal booster for drivers and passengers who need to turn a weak cell signal into strong and reliable cell coverage for better call, text, and 4G LTE data service.




Will N-Range Work with My Cell Carrier?

N-Range Booster ImageSureCall N-Range works with all North American carriers without needing multiple boosters or manual adjustments. So, no matter which cell carrier you have, N-Range will be ready to boost that signal right out of the box!

Cars with weak cell signals in the United States can get better cell service for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and all other US carriers. Vehicles with poor mobility coverage in Canada can boost signals for Bell, Telus, Sasktel, Rogers, and all others Canadian national networks. And Mexico carriers can improve their weak cell signals on TelCel and all other Mexican cell carriers as well.

Reviews of the SureCall N-Range

Since the N-Range announcement, media and technical reviewers have been putting N-Range to the test in cities, countrysides, dead zones, and notoriously weak cell zones across the US, Canada and Mexico. After running tests, here’s what they’re saying about N-Range:

“Turning on the N-Range in one particular case took me from -109 dB to -89 dB, which is a huge bump!” Patrick Norton, TekThing.

“We think this product that works for all cell phone carriers in the U.S. (and other countries as well), will be beneficial to those wanting more coverage on the road,” Kris Rollins, The Geek Church.

I couldn’t believe how powerful this booster was! We have field tested previous booster models before, but I was still amazed at how much of difference these boosters make!” Tim LeBaron, Hike St. George.

The difference the N-Range made in data speed was kind of epic. In one location it jumped the speed from 13 MBps down and 2 MBps up to 26 MBps down to 23 MBps up. Seriously.” Patrick Norton, TekThing.




How Does the N-Range Improve Cell Signals?

The SureCall N-Range uses two key components – the N-Range active outside antenna and the air-vent phone mount antenna – to capture, amplify and transmit the improved signal more efficiently than any other signal booster for car, truck, van or SUV.

The N-Range active outside antenna captures the signal outside of the vehicle, boosts the signal, and sends the improved signal to the air-vent phone mount antenna inside of the vehicle. The inside antenna securely holds a phone using magnets and delivers the improved signal directly to the phone on the phone mount. A simple power adapter (12V DC) plugs into a cigarette outlet to power the entire system.

How N-Range Works Image

Does the N-Range Work, Really?

Yes, and it’s actually the market leader! According to FCC reports, the N-Range has 23 dB gain and delivers more than double the uplink power (measured at 3 dBm) when compared to the closest competitor. This means you get better cell service in a car, truck, van or SUV by a margin of up to 10X!

The Extended Range Technology™ that powers N-Range takes these performance margins and amplifies them in two ways. First, by capturing and boosting the signal where the signal is strongest outside of the vehicle and, second, by creating a signal booster system that more efficiently delivers the boosted signal directly to the phone on the air-vent phone mount antenna.

How to Install N-Range in a Car, Truck or Van

N-Range is the easiest signal booster to install in a vehicle and delivers more call, text and data connecting power than any other single device signal booster for car, truck, van or SUV. Installing the SureCall N-Range can take as little as 90 seconds.

“SureCall has always made the installation model an easy one, but with the N-Range you literally put the antenna on the roof, plug in and go! Once you’ve connected the cables out of the box, you can install in less than 30 seconds,” Tim LeBaron, SureCall tech reviewer at Hike St. George.

SureCall designed N-Range to be small, easy to install and transferrable to another car, truck, van, or SUV. Installation is as easy as attaching the N-Range active antenna to the roof of the vehicle, mounting the air-vent phone mount to the air-vent or placing it in a cupholder or center-console, and running the cables from these two components under the seats and floor-mats for a professional installation.

What Comes in The N-Range Box?

SureCall N-Range BoxAfter unpacking, you will have everything you need to install the booster in any car, truck, van, or SUV. The kit includes:

  • N-Range Active Antenna – Magnetically attaches to the roof of the vehicle.
  • Air-Vent Phone Mount Antenna – Attaches to the air-vent inside the vehicle and can also be placed in a center console, cupholder, or glovebox. The phone that is magnetically attached to this antenna receives the boosted signal directly from this phone mount. When the green light is illuminated, the antenna is receiving power.
  • 12V DC Power Adapter – Plugs into a cigarette adapter and plugs into the air-vent phone mount antenna. When the red light appears the system is receiving power.
  • Adhesive Mount Option for N-Range Active Antenna – If your vehicle’s roof uses a non-magnetic material, like aluminum or carbon fiber, use this adhesive patch option.
  • Magnetic Discs – There are two options included in the package; one that sticks to your phone and another that can be placed inside of your cell phone case. Either one of these will hold your cell phone securely to the air-vent phone mount antenna.
  • 3-Step Instruction Guide – This will walk you through the installation process. It’s a breeze.


Get more information, pricing, and technical detail about N-Range here:






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