Must-Haves for the Mobile Worker

A traveling cellular signal via a cell phone signal booster is a vital part of the mobile worker’s arsenal.

A recent study predicted that by 2020, 73 percent of the U.S. workforce would be comprised of mobile workers – that’s almost three quarters of working professionals! A day in the life of a mobile worker can be full of uncertainties. From hazards on the road to keeping in constant contact with colleagues, it can be quite challenging to be prepared for it all. Here’s a list of must-haves to keep you running at maximum efficiency.

Stay Connected

Moto Z Force Droid. Inarguably, a mobile worker’s most important piece of hardware is their cell phone/mobile device. As the lifeline for the mobile worker, their phone must be durable yet attractive, with a battery built to last. Motorola’s Z Force Droid comes with a shatterproof display, is water-resistant and has up to 40 hours of battery life. Additionally, Motorola has snap-on phone attachments, known as Moto Mods, to transform your cell phone into a boombox or point-and-shoot camera.

Slack. When you’re on the go, it can be a big challenge trying to respond to the barrage of emails. Conquer communication struggles by using Slack to quickly chat with team members. Combining the best of instant messengers, Slack integrates the most important work features like a file repository and easy search functions into the app for an ideal workplace collaboration.

Google Hangouts. The gold standard for video calls, Google Hangouts makes it simple to jump on a video conference call with multiple users. Available as both a desktop and mobile app, it ensures distance is not a barrier for face-to-face meetings.

Fusion2Go 2.0. Poor cellular service and dropped calls no longer have to be a pain point for the mobile worker. SureCall’s in-vehicle cellular signal booster amplifies your cell phone signal to make sure you stay connected. Compatible with all carriers and easy to set up, the booster works with 3G and 4G LTE signals.

Remain Organized

Dropbox. Cloud storage is a brilliant way to keep all your documents in a secure location, especially while on the go and at the mercy of devices. Dropbox acts as a shared filing cabinet that makes it simple and easy for everyone to keep themselves organized.

Trello. Managing the progress of big projects has been a real struggle for the mobile worker who can’t bring the large office whiteboard with them. This web-based project management application is redefining organization. The app acts as a mobile whiteboard. With Trello, users can arrange projects by person, phase or whatever system works best for you and your team. Trello’s simple and intuitive design also allows users to get real perspective on what still needs to be accomplished.

I Done This. Touching base with your team on action items can be tricky, but having a collaborative to-do list keeps everyone on the same page. By tracking real-time updates and prioritization, I Done This lets you manage the day-to-day tasks and keeps teams focused on what’s most pertinent.

MileBug. Expenses incurred while traveling can be cumbersome to keep track of. MileBug allows you to plug destination points into the GPS so it can track the mileage for you. It also keeps track of hotel, food and other expenses. When you’re finished, the app generates a report for you to submit for reimbursement.

Hardware for your Hardware

iOttie Car Mount. The iOttie Car Mount keeps you hands-free and prevents you from scrambling for your cell phone when that important call comes in. Keep both hands on the wheel and your phone nestled securely in this mobile phone mount as you use it to navigate to your next meeting.

Speck Phone Case. Dropping your smartphone is always a gamble. As you retrieve it, you’re apprehensive of whether or not the screen will be shattered. Put the odds in your favor by protecting your phone. Speck cell phone cases are engineered to withstand an impact, and there are plenty of fun designs to choose from.

Pelican HardBack Case.  We often take advantage of our laptops, thinking they are resilient to rough handling. But laptops deserve the same care as mobile phones. Protect your laptop with a hardback laptop case, like Pelican. The heavy-duty HardBack laptop case manages a sleek and compact design so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your load, while also boosting features like being “crush resistant” and “watertight.”

Be Prepared for Any Situation

Waze. This app changes the way you plan for a trip. Using the community of drivers, Waze brings real-time traffic updates to help find the best route to get where you’re going. By planning your drive out, you won’t need to call in to your meeting and let them know you’ll be thirty minutes late because of unexpected traffic congestion.

Omni 20. You’re halfway through your slideshow presentation with a client, when the low battery icon appears on your laptop. Instead of fumbling around looking for your cord and a power outlet, use your Omni 20 from Omnicharge. This portable power bank has an AC/DC output and two USB ports, giving you peace of mind for those energy emergencies.

GetReadyNow Road Grab & Go Pack. The weather forecast predicted sunshine all day, but now you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard. GetReadyNow’s Road Grab & Go Pack contains all the emergency essentials you need to survive any faulty weather prediction. The best part is the clear plastic pack which stows conveniently under your seat so it doesn’t clutter your vehicle.

Don’t let your work and travel get the best of you. With these must-haves, you’ll never have unexpected moments catch you off-guard again. Also remember to stay safe while driving and keep your eyes on the road, not on your work; keep your hands on the wheel, not on your cell phone. To learn more about how to maintain a consistent cell phone signal while traveling on the road, visit to learn about our full line of vehicle cell phone signal boosters.

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