Metro™ by T-Mobile Coverage Maps

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MetroPCS, recently rebranded Metro™ by T-Mobile, is a prepaid phone service offered by T-Mobile. This increasingly popular cellphone plan provides many of the same benefits of T-Mobile but at a less expensive price and with no annual contracts.

Prepaid phone plans like MetroPCS used to get a bad rap because they were incompatible with many higher quality cellular devices and popular smartphones, had poor coverage, and had very few features. However, with Metro™ by T-Mobile, the prepaid phone plan game has changed. Choose from multiple plans, access to premium phones, as well as additional perks and features. 

Plans range from the more affordable and basic 10GB of high-speed data plan with limited hotspot data to unlimited high-speed data and 15 GB of hotspot data. Most of these plans also offer additional features such as Google One storage and Amazon Prime.

In addition to data and feature perks, Metro™ by T-Mobile (previously MetroPCS) uses the T-Mobile network for increased coverage and faster speeds.

Metro™ by T-Mobile Coverage Maps

MetroPCS Wireless Coverage Map
Source: WhistleOut

Above, you’ll see the coverage map by Metro™ by T-Mobile (previously MetroPCS). Light purple indicates 2G/3G coverage while dark purple indicates 4G coverage.

Since Metro™ by T-Mobile utilizes the T-Mobile network, you’ll see the same extensive coverage offered through traditional T-Mobile plans. T-Mobile has the second most U.S. territory coverage behind Verizon and slightly ahead of AT&T. While there are some areas in the north-central states that lack coverage, the East Coast and southern states are well-covered.

Metro™ by T-Mobile 4G LTE Coverage Map

4G LTE Coverage Map for Metro by T-Mobile
Source: WhistleOut

In this map, you’ll see the 4G coverage offered by Metro™ through T-Mobile. This coverage is significantly improved from the limited coverage offered by MetroPCS before they were purchased by T-Mobile.

Metro™ by T-Mobile 2G/3G Coverage Map

Coverage Map Metro by T-Mobile MetroPCS
Source: Whistleout

Above, you’ll see the basic talk/text coverage for Metro™ by T-Mobile. In areas where 4G LTE is not available, Metro™ by T-Mobile may still have access to talk/text and basic data with the 3G network.

Caveats About Metro™ by T-Mobile (Previously MetroPCS) Coverage Maps

1. You may notice that the coverage map provided by T-Mobile for their Metro™ by T-Mobile plans differs from the map found on third-party sites. That’s because this map includes partner carriers that help augment T-Mobile service. However, the actual coverage of these partners is not guaranteed or regulated by T-Mobile, which means the coverage map is only a visual approximation.

2. T-Mobile prioritizes their primary customers over customers with the Metro™ by T-Mobile prepaid. In many cases, users reported this has not affected day-to-day speeds. However, in times of congestion such as holidays or in high-traffic areas such as sports stadiums or events, Metro™ by T-Mobile users may experience slower speeds than regular T-Mobile users.

3. All coverage maps show coverage based on ideal circumstances—that is, they approximate coverage without considering obstructions such as buildings, trees, mountains/hills, or other factors that may influence actual coverage.

Extending Metro™ by T-Mobile Signal Strength

If you’re experiencing slow data speeds or limited bars with your Metro™ by T-Mobile plan, you may consider investing in a cell signal booster. A cell signal booster can help improve data speeds and cell signal strength in your home, office, or even in your vehicle.

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home
Cell Phone Signal Booster for Vehicle

How can we help?

Would you like to explore cell signal boosters for your Metro™ by T-Mobile phone plan? Feel free to browse our products or contact us with any questions!

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  1. Manuel samarripa says:

    This is the worst phone service I’ve ever had. Simply garbage.

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Sorry to hear! Hopefully you found a better carrier for your area.

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