Martial Arts Academy Solves Cell Signal Issues with Signal Booster

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Hero Martial Arts Academy Outfits their 6,500 Square Feet School for Cellular Connectivity

The students and staff at Hero Martial Arts Academy are no strangers to pushing through difficult obstacles. With multiple training halls that allow for a variety of martial disciplines to be taught amongst eager learners of all ages, the academy imparts on students the skills to be successful both inside the ring as well as outside.

Hero Martial Arts Academy Signal Booster

Weak Cell Signal Inside Building

Due to the thick metal construction of their building, however, the staff noticed that the proud parents & family were having a difficult time sharing photos and videos of their children’s progress. The solid architecture was simply weakening their incoming cell signals too much for onlookers to use their cell phones while in the building. Spectators were lucky to receive a single bar of cell phone reception while inside the building and had to completely exit the academy to upload any sort of footage to their social media.

Weak Cell Signal at Academy Spectators

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to help parents bask in the achievements of their children while generating free buzz around the academy on the web, Founder and Head Instructor Josh Arcemont looked to signal booster technology for an effective and convenient solution. Josh reached out to the Install Pro Team, who partnered with SureCall to deliver the ideal booster solution for the Academy’s cell signal needs. After a site survey and some discussion with the staff, the installers recommended SureCall’s Fusion5X 2.0 commercial booster paired with 2 outdoor and 4 indoor antennas.

Hero Academy Spectators

Thanks to SureCall’s 20 years of innovation in the industry, all of its commercial, vehicle, and home boosters are fully compatible with all NA carriers so the results were immediate and fully inclusive for all the spectators at the Hero Martial Arts Academy.

Full Cellular Coverage Throughout the Academy

Today, the academy receives a reliable 3-4 bars of solid coverage throughout the building, giving the supportive onlookers inside full access to cellular call, text, and internet services without requiring them to leave the building. Parents and supportive spectators are able to share the fruits of their children’s training and discipline with their social circles while paying homage to Josh and his staff at the Hero Martial Arts Academy.

Hero Martial Arts Academy Fusion5X 2.0 Signal Booster Solution

“The difference is night and day. You saw it yourself – parents on their phones, sharing video of their kids. They never used to be able to do that. I’m especially happy we got them working before Raymond Daniels got here. This will be huge for us.”

Hero Martial Arts Academy Founder Josh Arcemont
Signal Strength Improvement for Hero Academy with Signal Booster

For more information about this deployment, check out the full case study on

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Fusion5X 2.0 Cellular Signal Booster
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