LTE Standards Change The Cellular Signal Booster Market

SureCall’s cell phone signal booster technology is poised to enter the VoLTE (Voice over LTE ) era on a strong note with the Force5 2.0 cellular signal booster.

LTE Is The Standard

LTE has certainly become THE standard in cellular networks.  Every commercial coming out from the “Big 4” compares LTE speeds and/or network coverage.

Enter Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)

Well, Verizon has taken it a step further.  For a while now, Verizon Wireless has been offering 4G calling on their LTE network.  This optional calling feature boasts high resolution sound, but has only been available on newer model phones designed to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE).  Verizon has recently announced their intentions of dropping their CDMA network all together and moving all voice to their LTE network.  In fact, they are offering a new flip phone called the LG Exalt LTE. This phone will be marketed to those who have traditionally shied away from more feature-heavy smartphones but still want to be able to make phone calls.  The change may not be welcomed right away, but the transition of cellular networks to LTE for voice is on its way, regardless.  For network support devices, like signal boosters, this requires a change as well.

SureCall Is Ready For VoLTE

Leading the charge toward integrating VoLTE into signal boosters is SureCall’s Force5 2.0.  The Force5 2.0 was certified by V-COMM (an independent certification and testing lab for the FCC) to support VoLTE as well as every other voice enabled forum currently available by the major US carriers, and SureCall incorporated this important change into all of its cell signal boosters. This innovation ensures that as Verizon makes VoLTE mandatory, and the other carriers follow suit, you will not be stuck with an inferior booster that’s behind the technology curve.  This is just one more way SureCall proves its dedication to stay current with both customer needs as well as carrier standards.


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