Love In A 4G World

Are cell phone signal boosters the new must have dating tool?

In many ways, cellular devices have helped bring people closer together.  As a married man, it is much easier to text my wife while she is enjoying her bath than it is for me to yell in hopes that she’ll hear me, “Honey?!  Where are my pants?!”  While my appreciation for cell phones might be birthed out of convenience, other couples rely on them incessantly.  This is because these couples are in long-distance relationships.

I know what you’re thinking: “Those relationships never last”, but the stigma associated with long-distance relationships (LDR’s) has slowly been replaced by an understanding that as the world gets smaller, the spaces between us grow.  In fact, according to, 14 million US couples classify their relationships as LDR’s.  Not only are these relationships serious, 3.75 million are married couples.  Many factors contribute to these statistics.  Couples are often separated because of military service or work, but the most common cause of couples being in an LDR is collegiate.

There are also many couples in internet relationships that have just never been able to connect for an extended period of time physically.  For these types of couples, being able to reach their significant other via cellphone is of the utmost importance.  This was no truer than in my brother’s recent relationship.

My brother, who we’ll call David, met this nice girl through the “normal” medium.  You know the story: a mutual acquaintance thinks he would get along great with her so they schedule a time to meet.  The twist in this story is that their first meeting was during a Mission Trip he was taking to Mexico.  The girl, we will call her Mariana, was everything David was looking for.  She was funny, beautiful, intelligent and outgoing.  He was smitten from the beginning.

The challenge came when he had to come back home to the US.  They exchanged numbers and very quickly began a regular practice of calling each other every day.  They would try to Skype or Facetime when they could, but the reception in Mariana’s house was poor and the calls would freeze or become cumbersome.  So, being the amazing brother that I am, I suggested he use a SureCall booster for Mariana’s home.  David took the Fusion5 to Mariana when he went down to visit her.  Much to his delight, she was able to install it herself within an afternoon.  Long story short, with the booster in place they were able to Facetime on a regular basis without lagging or Mariana having to go outside. Also, they have since gotten married!

So, the moral of the story is communication in relationships is the best way to insure that they last.  The best way to insure that your cellular reception lasts is with a SureCall Signal Booster.  When you have to be sure, choose SureCall.  We will help you improve your cell signal.

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