iPhone Mobile Signal Boosters

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It can sometimes feel impossible to find a wireless network that is 100% reliable in your area as well as during travel at all times. That’s because there are a lot of factors that go into how well your phone can receive a signal at any given time.

The first and most common reason for decreased signal strength is your distance from the cell tower. The farther you are from your nearest cell tower, the weaker your signal strength will be. There are also several other factors that contribute to a poor iPhone mobile signal booster.

For instance, certain building materials block cell signals more than others, making it difficult to receive a strong cell phone signal in many basements, office buildings, underground facilities, or warehouses. Signals can also be diminished by trees, weather, or even by being in a car instead of out in the open air.

If you’ve experienced decreased mobile signals, then an iPhone mobile signal booster may be a great option to strengthen your signal.

What is an iPhone Signal Booster?

A signal booster is a device that intercepts a mobile signal and amplifies it before sending it to the receiver. This means voice calls become clearer and more reliable, text messages go through faster and more reliably, and data speeds increase.

There are multiple types of iPhone signal boosters, including boosters made specifically for the home, signal boosters that can cover entire office buildings or warehouses, or boosters that can be used on-the-go in vehicles, RVs, or boats.

Benefits of Using an iPhone Signal Booster

The main benefit of using an iPhone signal booster is that the booster provides increased signal strength to the user. However, there are other benefits to using a signal booster as well.

1. Clearer, More Reliable Calls

If you frequently have calls that drop, are spotty (have you ever had someone’s voice cut out mid-sentence for a few seconds?) or that have low-quality audio. When you increase your iPhone’s signal using a signal booster, it can significantly increase the reliability and clarity of your voice calls.

2. More Reliable Text Messages

Sometimes low signal or bars can mean your text messages fail to send or that you fail to receive text messages. Increasing your signal strength by using an iPhone signal booster can help increase the reliability of sending and receiving text messages by improving the transmittance power between your cellphone tower and the tower being used by the person you’re communicating with.

3. Improve Battery Life

We sometimes forget that when we’re using our phones for data when we’re in a spotty or low-service area, we’re making our phones work double-time to search for and try to stay connected to our networks. By using an iPhone signal booster, you’re making it easier for your phone to stay connected to the network, saving battery life and making your iPhone battery last longer.

4. Better Data Speeds

Most Americans nowadays have a smartphone that they use for everything from music and video streaming to GPS and web browsing. These functions all use data. However, when you have low bars, it can significantly decrease the speed and quality of your data. Using an iPhone signal booster can help improve signal strength to improve your data speed and reliability.

Where to Find an iPhone Signal Booster

There are many iPhone signal boosters available, but it’s important to choose the right signal booster for your needs. Determine where you will be using the signal booster—in your home, office, warehouse, or vehicle—and how much coverage you need. It’s also important to find a signal booster compatible with your network and that supports 4G LTE if you have a 4G LTE compatible device.

Luckily, all of SureCall’s boosters are fully compatible with all US carriers across all 4G LTE devices. Some of our most popular signal boosters are the Flare and Fusion5s.


Best Small Home iPhone Signal Booster

The Flare covers up to 2,500 square feet, making it perfect for a small home or apartment. It’s easy to set up, is compatible with all major networks and MVNOs, and increases signal strength for voice, text, and 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE data.



SureCall Fusion5s

The Fusion5s covers up to 6,000 square feet, making it a great choice for most large homes or offices. This 5-band booster will increase signal strength for all North American cell carriers, enhancing voice, text, and 2G, 3G, & 4G LTE data signals. The booster can support call clarity for up to 10 simultaneous users, making it a great choice for large families or for a small office.


How can we help?

Do you have any questions about cell boosters for your home, office, vehicle, or enterprise? Let us know! We are happy to help answer any questions and assist in finding the best iPhone signal booster for your needs.

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