SureCall Case Study: Curtis Instruments

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Force5 2.0 delivers the best cell service in large buildings for better call, text and data for all US cell carriers.


About the Customer

SureCall Customer Gets Improved Cell ReceptionThe world’s leading manufacturer of battery powered vehicles, motor speed controllers and accessories for green electric vehicles, Curtis Instruments, are a very well reputed brand that is widely known for their top-quality products and service. Located in Mt. Kisco, New York, their headquarter office includes two buildings – manufacturing building and office building – that total 74,000 square feet.

The Challenge

Curtis Instruments is an organization that values collaboration across teams and offices. Cellular connectivity is vital to their operation and their office manager, Bob, had been receiving complaints from his staff regarding the poor in-building cell reception. The weak cell coverage persisted even after he had installed a Connect 4G-X system.

Seeking a better and more permanent solution, Curtis Instruments contacted, a team of cell signal experts who have installed SureCall signal booster systems in hundreds of large buildings across the US. In their cellular site review the team studied both buildings, their layouts and construction, and found very weak and non-usable cell signals even while running their current solution.

The Solution

SureCall Force5 2.0 Cell Phone Signal BoosterChallenged by a building with dense concrete and metal construction that blocked cellular signals from reaching the staff that worked inside of the buildings, the team were tasked with delivering three to five bars throughout both buildings. Curtis Instruments wanted a location-specific solution that could provide reliable cell reception for all US carriers, coverage for the entirety of both buildings, an affordable price-point and a quick install timeline.

To improve cell reception in the building, the team installed a configuration of two
SureCall Force5 2.0 signal boosters– one in each building – and 14 indoor antennas.

SureCall manufactures the some of the industry’s best signal boosters. They have performed very well for us every time and come at a great price-point,” explained a spokesperson at “SureCall’s Force5 2.0 was an easy choice for our customer.”

SureCall Indoor Dome Antenna for Signal Booster

The need for reliable cellular calling for all US cell carriers was paramount but the company also now benefits from more reliable texting and data using cellular. They also receive SureCall’s industry-leading three-year warranty, which the customer extended to five-years, and lifetime US-based technical support.

The team at checked-in with Bob at Curtis Instruments shortly after the installation to see how he and all others in the building felt about their cell reception. Bob explained that the signal strength had improved significantly in both buildings and the staff has been glad to now have reliable cell reception in their offices. Beyond the technology installed, Bob expressed his appreciation of the knowledge, dedication and care that the team brought to the installation.




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