How Strong is Your Cell Phone’s Signal?

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Building materials and geography, in addition to cell tower proximity, play a role in cell signal reliability.

While there are many indoor barriers to achieving a reliable cell phone signal, there’s also the possibility that you’re located in a geographical area where the outdoor signal is weak. While there are solutions available to increase the strength of your cell phone signal, cellular signal boosters are one example, you should first try to determine the barriers to achieving a strong cell phone signal.

Some of the challenges that come into play with indoor locations are low-e glass windows, as well as concrete and metal building materials, which block RF signals. It’s also possible that you can experience different cell phone strengths depending on where you are within a building. When it comes to geographical barriers, trees, mountains and valleys play a key role in weak signals. Finally, distance from cellular towers is often the prime suspect.

What is a Strong Cell Phone Signal?

Signal strength readings are measured in dBm and usually appear as a negative number (for example, -85dBm). The stronger the signal, the closer it gets to zero. An extremely strong signal would register at -50dBm, while an average signal would be between -65 and -85 dBm. Signals that are at -90 to -100dBm typically result in dropped and missed calls. You can determine the area with the strongest cellular signal by following the directions below. You can also go to to find the general location and distance of your carrier’s tower.

How to Measure your Cellular Signal Strength

To measure the strength of your existing cellular signal you can do one of the following, depending on the make of your cell phone:

For Apple iPhones – Launching field-test mode: Dial ⋆3001#12345#⋆ and press the call button. A field-test screen will appear, press the home button for a few seconds and your dBm reading will appear in the upper left hand corner.

For Android devices: download an application such as “Network Signal” in the Google Play Store to measure signal strength.

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