Fusion5X: Better performance at a better price. A head-to-head comparison using FCC performance tests

We recorded the performance information found on the FCC’s website regarding our Fusion5X ($1,699 MSRP) and compared it with the test results for Wilson’s Pro 70 Plus ($1,799 MSRP). FCC downlink power test results are shown in the table below:


AWGN and Pulse are two forms of output signal the FCC uses to measure downlink power. As the FCC test results show, the Fusion5X has equal or higher downlink power on average against competitive products.

Plus, Fusion5X kits include (4) internal antennas which allows for ultimate customization. Pro 70 Plus kits only include (1) indoor antenna and cable- increasing the price if additional antennas and cables are needed for an installation.

Based on the results, it is clear that with its excellent margins and best-in-class performance, the SureCall Fusion5X is a great addition for any integrator. Note: the above test results are quoted directly from official FCC website, certification test report of respective products.

For more details, please refer to the FCC webpage below or contact SureCall at (888) 365-6283.


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