SureCall Case Study: Police Officer

California Police Officer claims he is able to better perform his duties using Fusion2Go 3.0 for reliable, on-the-job cellular communication.

About the Customer

Charles is a California State Police Officer in a rural district within the San Joaquin Valley. He often struggled with weak cell reception in his patrol car during critical times on the job.

Charles mentioned that he and all others in his department often require use of their cell phone for many different reasons – communicating off of public radio waves when suspects knowingly own a police radio scanner, immediate contact with commanders, legal advisors, and special units like S.W.A.T., Search and Rescue, or K-9, requests for warrants via telephone and sending and receiving photos to identify suspects.

The Challenge

Explaining that the cellular signal he had was often more reliable than the two-way radio he most frequently used, the cell signal was still very weak and not something he could confidently rely on.

“My cell reception wasn’t good enough to get the job done using my cell phone or laptop during critical points of my patrols,” explained Charles.

He detailed that he experienced “very poor”cell reception multiple times each week and, occasionally, multiple times in one day when patrolling certain areas within his district.

The police force uses cellular very often because the two-way radios often compound the amount of work and time required to perform the job’s most common duties. Tasks like checking active warrants using the patrol car’s cellular modem powered laptop, calling a commander or sending and receiving images to identify suspects using a cell phone.

Charles pursued options that could improve cell signals for Verizon and better connect him during his patrols.

The Solution

The severity of his weak signals and need to improve his signal for multiple devices led Charles to purchase the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0. Since installing the booster, Charles has seen a number of benefits to his every-day tasks.

  • Best Cell Signal Furthest from the Tower – Weak cell signals are often caused by a device’s inability to return the signal back to the cellular tower, not the device’s ability to receive a signal from the tower. Fusion2Go 3.0 solves this issue better than any other cellular signal booster on the market by a margin of 2X! This means Charles’ laptop cellular modem and cell phone can send signals back to the cell tower at massive distances.
  • Boost Cell Signals for Multiple Devices in Vehicle– Fusion2Go 3.0 amplifies signals with enough power to improve the signal throughout the entire vehicle. Multiple devices within the vehicle can be boosted simultaneously, which means Charles’ laptop and cell phone will both perform better in weak cell signal areas.
  • Improve Signals for All US Carriers with Ease– With Fusion2Go 3.0 Charles will now get a better cell signal for Verizon and every other US cell carrier. The booster requires nearly no maintenance after installing and is completely hands-free.

When we followed up with Charles a few months after his purchase, he said he was “…really impressed…” and “I have already been suggesting the product to other guys in my department.”

“It [Fusion2Go 3.0] gives me way better cell service and I’m more connected on the job now than I have been in the seven years I’ve been on the force here,” Charles explained.

To learn more about Fusion2Go 3.0 and find where to buy, click here. To speak with a SureCall tech expert to identify the best solution for you, contact us or call us anytime at 888-365-6283.





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