Announcing the First 5G Signal Booster!

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The new Force8 signal booster improves 5G network signals and connectivity inside buildings

First 5G Signal Booster: SureCall Force8
5G Signal Booster: SureCall Force8

FREMONT, CA – January 7, 2018 – Special to CES SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, today announced the Force8, the industry’s first 5G signal booster. Available in Q2 of 2019, the Force8 will give users increased 5G connectivity for commercial buildings in urban, suburban, and rural areas across the United States.

Force8 is engineered to strengthen and improve non-millimeter wave 5G cellular signals for the T-Mobile 600 MHz band. Additionally, Force8 will boost cellular service for all US carriers’ 3G and 4G LTE signals, including the AWS-3 and Sprint 800 MHz bands, a portion of the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum that will continue to keep cellular customers connected even after 5G is able to provide full national coverage.

SureCall Founder Hong Zhan“Reports predict that 90-percent of buildings will not have cell service for the 5G network due to the inability of the high-frequency RF signals to penetrate structures and material. Because of this, there is a huge need to bring affordable 5G connectivity into commercial buildings,” said Hongtao Zhan, SureCall’s founder and CEO. “SureCall is committed to solving this by architecting solutions that will create a 5G future with reliable coverage. Force8 represents a significant first step toward supporting a successful deployment of the 5G network.”

Pricing for the Force8 starts at $6999, depending on application size and scope of the installation. Force8 requires carrier approval and must be installed by a professional integrator in any commercial building.

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*UPDATE: a previous posting mentioned that the booster worked on WCS, but that band has been removed from all Force8 signal boosters.

About SureCall

Founded in 2001, SureCall is the multi-patented, award-winning performance leader for cell phone signal boosters. Combining top-quality materials, powerfully innovative product designs, and industry-leading service and support, SureCall has given mobile device users access to reliable cellular signals in homes, offices, and cars. Major institutions like NASA, Stanford, Duke, Kaiser Permanente and many others in the oil and gas, hospitality, automotive, and technology industries trust SureCall’s FCC-approved boosters to connect them in the extremes and everywhere in between.

Get everything you need to know about signal boosters by visiting the SureCall blog or connect with SureCall on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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