Fire Code Changes: Does It Affect My Building?

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A new federal fire code law is making both commercial and residential buildings safer for emergency responders and occupants by eliminating signal “dead zones” and ensuring smooth two-way communication. Local governments and municipalities are enforcing these fire code laws and citing property owners with fines or delaying projects until buildings comply with these codes. GSD Contracting, a South Florida commercial contractor, is helping to spread their knowledge about how to avoid costly renovations and project delays due to non-compliance with new federal fire code laws in their latest blog.

For building owners, architects, and their construction partners, this means that they must plan to incorporate a bi-directional amplifier (BDA) into a structure and possibly also a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) into new construction to avoid the high cost of a retrofit system later. Commercial buildings must be in compliance by 2022 and apartment buildings have until 2025, causing many property owners, developers, contractors, and architects scrambling to learn more about the codes and bring their designs up to date.

Learn more about the SureCall Guardian 3 QR, a bi-directional cell phone signal amplifier that supports First Responder’s two-way communication and meets the compliance requirements outlined under the new federal fire code law.

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