Finding Your Strongest Cellular Signal

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Finding the Strongest dB Signal Reading A minimum reading of -90 to -100 dBm outside the home is required for the booster to amplify the signal. The stronger the signal the lower the negative dBm reading, a signal between -65 and -85 is ideal.

Measure the strength of your signal in various areas:

Using an iPhone: Dial ✶3001#12345#✶, a Field Test screen will appear press down on the home button for a few seconds so your dB reading will appear in the upper left hand corner.

Using an Android: Download the “Network Signal Info” within the Google Play store. Once installed, you will be able to view your dB strength.

Finding the Closest Cellular Tower: Go to:, then enter your location and you will see a map of your area displaying the closest cellular towers then by clicking on “Simple View”, the website will display the closest towers for your particular carrier.

Note: Window films that block UV rays may also block cellular signals. If your windows have films applied it may perform better when placed against a wall facing the exterior of the home.

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