Do You Suspect Your Cell Phone is Being Tapped?

Here’s How You Can Tell. It’s actually very easy to tap cell phones. Cell phones can be monitored for calls, texts, social media and someone’s location with GPS. Just recently France and Germany accused the U.S of intercepting millions of phone calls. There is software readily available on the Internet for those wanting to monitor someone’s cellphone. There are, however, a few things to remember if you think you’re phone may be tapped.

High Battery Temperature

One possible sign is if you haven’t used your cell phone in a while but it’s unusually warm when you pick it up. Phones that are being tapped tend to have high battery temperature.

Can’t Keep a Charge

If you find that you’re having to charge your cell phone more often than usual, it could be a sign that your cell phone has been in use during the times you’re not using it. A tapped cell phone is constantly recording conversations in the room even when it appears to be idle. This could cause your phone to quickly drain its battery.

Phone Won’t Turn Off

If you experience delays in shutting down your phone or if the backlight remains lit or even if the phone won’t shut down, this could be a sign that your phone is being hacked.

Receiving Unusual Texts

This could be a remote control feature of spy software. Spy software works by sending coded text messages to your phone. Sometimes they can be seen when the software isn’t working properly. The texts often include random characters, symbols and numbers.

Background Noise

Often tapped phones have background noises including echoing, static and clicking. If you ever hear a pulsating static noise emanating from your phone when it’s not in use you may have a problem.

It is possible that the sounds you hear can be caused by interference or a bad connection. If this is the case there is a remedy. SureCall’s line of cellular signal boosters, for cars homes and offices are designed to eliminate spotty reception and dropped calls and provide clear and reliable cellular signal wherever you need it most. To learn more go to to find your solution.

Un-Tapping your Cell Phone

The most reliable way to un-tap your cell phone is to perform a complete restore. Before you restore be sure to copy all phone numbers and passwords as they will be deleted during the process. To do a complete restore you will need to go into your cell phone’s security  and unlock your code.




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