Signal Booster News: SureCall December 2019 Press Corner

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Signal Booster News

As we say goodbye to 2019 and move to the new decade, the signal booster news continues to grow in excitement, thickening the plot in a landscape where ERT technology takes the world by storm with its high performance architecture.

Fusion2Go Max Reviewed on Trail4Runner

SureCall’s high performance cell phone signal booster for vehicles, the Fusion2Go Max, was reviewed by outdoor explorer Max Sheehan on Trail4Runner.

Max says about the booster, “That is the beauty of its design. You don’t need to set anything up on your phone, connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal, it just works.

Fusion2Go Max Vehicle Signal Booster News CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree

Read more about how the Fusion2Go Max improved his adventures and impressed his travel buddies.

Fusion2Go Max on The Manual

Fusion2Go Max Vehicle Signal Booster News CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree

Planning a road trip this year? Mike from The Manual mentioned SureCall’s Fusion2Go Max in his article where he discusses how to safely navigate the challenges of adventuring in Winter. “It’s great for overlanding enthusiasts and anyone who lives in or routinely travels through rural areas,” says Mike of the booster.

Check out all of Mike’s other Winter travel tips on his article.

Making Your CES a Success

With the CES 2020 in full swing, Jon Bacon, VP of Marketing at SureCall, shares his tips and secrets on maximizing the ROI of your business’ presence at CES. In it, Jon urges us not to rest on our laurels between CES seasons, “When the show is over, don’t just pack up and put your plan away until next year… …Start thinking about what you want to do at CES next year.”

CES SureCall Signal Booster News Booth 2020

Read Jon’s full article on Forbes.

Cell Phone Habits and your Sex Life

SureCall signal booster news

SureCall performs annual research studying the impacts of cell phone habits on your quality of life. In it, we found some disturbing trends correlating poor cell phone habits with decreased overall happiness as well as social and sexual disadvantages. However, we also provide comments on how to avoid these nasty side-effects of technology without giving them up completely. Check out what the press (Outlook, E-Times, Mid-Day, have to say about it.

SureCall in a Modern Luxury Home

Cell Phone Signal Booster News

Integrators recently shared a case of using SureCall products to maintain in-building connectivity in a recent concrete luxury home project. Using modern cell signal amplification and IoT home automation technology, they were able to fully outfit their client’s home with state of the art connectivity and convenience. Check out their full article here.

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