Country Living and the Lack of Cell Phone Reception

If you live the rural, country dream, you probably appreciate the wide-open spaces, clean air and the fall foliage. One problem with these idyllic settings is their lack of cellular reception. A major culprit is the lack of cell phone towers in these areas. Carriers only build towers if there’s a high enough population to create the revenue needed to cover the cost to build them.  Here are some additional reasons, as well as a few tips on how you may be able to fix bad cell phone reception.


What Causes Poor Cellular Reception?

Recognize that the causes of poor cell phone reception are many and therefore no one remedy will fix all problems. There are a number of things that cause bad cell phone reception in rural areas. Trees and mountains may block your phone’s signal from reaching a distant cell tower. Building materials such as concrete, metal and even energy efficient windows can block cellular signals from entering your home. Go to–building-windows-can-block-cell-signals.html to learn more.

You should also determine if your carrier is operating off a PCS (1900 MHz) frequency or Cellular (800 MHz). Most phones use a mix of the two except for phones that are PCS only such as T-Mobile. PCS phones do not work very well out in rural areas because the 1900 MHz signal only reaches barely beyond the line of visual sight, or ten miles from a cell tower. Cellular and PCS companies simply cannot install enough towers for PCS type phones to work as well as Cellular-type phones.

You can always find out what cellular service your neighbors are using and make the switch. Another viable solution would be to install a cellular signal booster amplifier in your vehicle and home. These devices boost your cell phone signal up to the FCC’s approved power limit. Cellular signal boosters work wirelessly with an interior antenna and an exterior antenna combination that receives your phone signal and re-amplifies it. Look for one that has a high dB gain to ensure the greatest power. A cellular signal booster may be your only option and it is important to remember that there are some places where a booster or antenna will not help if the cell phone signal is nonexistent.

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  1. Heather says:

    Whether you live in a rural area or you’re simply on vacation, having a strong reception may prove very important, especially in emergencies. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thomas Warren says:

      We’re glad to hear you found value in the post. Stay safe!

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