Consumer Cellular Coverage Maps

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Everything you need to know about Consumer Cellular coverage maps for the U.S.

Consumer Cellular has been awarded #1 in customer service among non-contract value wireless providers 6 times in a row by JD Powers. Their plans are flexible, dependent on the number of lines, minutes, and amount of data desired by the customer. These mobile plans are month-to-month, making Consumer Cellular a sought-after provider for consumers in transition, traveling, experiencing unpredictable life changes, between carriers, or who are reticent to sign a long-term cellular service contract. Consumer Cellular often considered a favorite for seniors or other individuals who do not use an excessive amount of data.

In addition to flexible month-to-month plans, Consumer Cellular is also known to have competitive coverage. Below you’ll find coverage maps for Consumer Cellular 3G and 4G service.

About Consumer Cellular Coverage Maps

Consumer Cellular is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This means that instead of having its own unique cell towers, Consumer Cellular buys wholesale minutes and data from other carriers and piggybacks off these carriers’ cellular infrastructures. This means their coverage map is actually a combination of the networks of their primary cellular network providers.

In the United States, Consumer Cellular utilizes AT&T and T-Mobile for their primary nationwide wireless networks. In addition to these primary networks, Consumer Cellular also says they engage third party providers to help fill in gaps where AT&T and T-Mobile do not provide coverage. While the service from the third-party providers is less reliable and may only work outdoors and in the open without obstruction, it helps further extend Consumer Cellular’s coverage area.

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Consumer Cellular 4G & 4G LTE Coverage Map

4G Coverage Map Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular offers 4G & 4G LTE coverage through AT&T and T-Mobile. Above is a combined map of AT&T and T-Mobile 4G and 4G LTE service. While this map gives a high-level approximation of the general 4G coverage offered through Consumer Cellular, it’s also important to understand you may not actually experience the same density of service represented by the map.

That’s because these coverage maps are based on “best case scenarios;” that is, they represent an approximation of what coverage would look like if there were no geographical obstructions (such as mountains), buildings, foliage, or other obstructions. It also assumes that Consumer Cellular combines the coverage of their two nationwide networks. The fine print of the coverage map on the Consumer Coverage website suggests that a user will be placed on the single nationwide network that offers the best coverage in their geography, not on a “combined” network.

Consumer Cellular Coverage Map for 3G

3G Consumer Cellular Coverage Map

In addition to a fairly robust 4G network, Consumer Cellular also offers comprehensive 3G wireless services through AT&T and T-Mobile. Above is the combined cellular network coverage map from these two providers.

While 3G doesn’t offer the same speed and data capabilities as 4G, it is sufficient for most voice calls in the coverage area.

Additional 3rd Party Networks Increase Coverage

Consumer Cellular Voice Coverage Map

In addition to its two primary nationwide networks, Consumer Cellular also has 3rd party cellular providers that to provide limited voice coverage in areas outside Consumer Cellular’s primary coverage areas. These are indicated in tan on the voice coverage map above from the Consumer Cellular website.

In these areas, users may be able to experience some voice coverage, so long as they are outside and unobstructed. Use in a building or vehicle may not always be possible. However, a cellular booster may help to strengthen the signal in these locations.

The Caveat About Coverage Maps

As AT&T and T-Mobile are often considered to have the 2nd and 3rd best coverage in the United States, this assumption is transferred to Consumer Cellular. However, the fine print of the coverage maps on the Consumer Cellular website indicates that you may not be receiving combined coverage from these two carriers, but rather will be placed in a single nationwide network “based on the zip code” of your service.

However, most people don’t actually need fully-nationwide coverage; instead, it’s more helpful to look at the map as a guide to make sure your area and areas to which you frequently travel are covered by Consumer Coverage.

As an additional note, coverage maps in general are often an unreliable way to measure potential cellular signal viability in an area. This is because there is no scientific basis or standard for setting the coverage maps of a particular network. Instead, these maps are meant as a high-level estimate of the best-case scenario for coverage. This means they are generated on an assumption that there is flat topography, no obstructions such as trees or buildings, and doesn’t take into consideration being inside a building or vehicle.

In reality, your signal will depend on how close you are to a cell tower in your affiliated network—such as an AT&T or T-Mobile network—as well as whether you are indoors, outdoors, and whether there are any obstructions such as buildings, topography, walls, trees, etc. that may impact your cell signal.

This explains why you may be receiving a poor signal even if your location appears to be well-covered by the Consumer Cellular coverage maps.

How to Extend Consumer Cellular Coverage

If you experience reasonable bars outside from Consumer Cellular but are finding your signal inside a home, office, or vehicle is unreliable, you may consider investing in a cell signal booster. Explore cell signal boosters for your home, office, or for your vehicle.

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  1. Pamela S Adgate says:

    Need to know if it work in the 49726 zip code

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      We’re looking into it and will let you know shortly. Thank you!

  2. Wilma says:

    Only receiving 3G/2G coverage with Consumer Cellular/ATT. Why?

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Great question. When a strong 4G signal is not available, your phone will often default to the best available signal. Most of the time this will still allow your voice calls to go through, but will only give you very weak data or “cellular Internet” speeds. A booster often helps overcome the weak signal and in most instances can bring you back up to 4G speeds.

  3. Wilma says:

    Only receiving 3G/2G coverage with Consumer Cellular/ATT. Why? Zip is 46310.

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Great question. When a strong 4G signal is not available, your phone will often default to the best available signal. Most of the time this will still allow your voice calls to go through, but will only give you very weak data or “cellular Internet” speeds. A booster often helps overcome the weak signal and in most instances can bring you back up to 4G speeds.

      1. Laurie says:

        Will this work on area code 38008?

        1. Jon Bacon says:

          It’s hard to know exactly, but if there is any cell signal in the area we are able to boost it and bring it inside your home or cabin. If you’d like us to look up a specific location you can email our tech support team your exact address and they can tell you if a booster will work in your area:

  4. Janetta Green says:

    Was in Western Colorado 2 weeks ago & couldn’t text, get fb or anything else. My daughter is on AT&T & she could get everything. Was told CC uses their towers so am wondering why I can’t get anything on mine? I was showing 3-4 bars but still nothing.

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      The long and short as we understand it is that carriers like Consumer Cellular have agreements with different carriers in different areas. So in that area, they may not have had an agreement with AT&T, but with a different carrier. Hopefully that helps.

  5. Norman Nattrass says:

    Will the SureCall Fusion4Home work with Freedom Mobile (in Canada)? The list of compatible systems does not mention Freedom.

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Yes it will work for Freedom Mobile in Canada.

  6. D Payne says:

    I am currently on Att with 2 phones sharing data. I have unlimited text talking etc
    I have relatives in Texas and need to be able to communicate. Will that be possible with CC.

    Are you offering any free iPhones to transfer service.

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      We aren’t the actual carrier so we don’t offer iPhones for those buying our products. As a cell phone signal booster manufacturer, we make products that help boost your carriers signal, which is often weakened by one of three items: something man-made like a building or building materials; something in nature like leaves on a tree in the summer or heavy snowfall in the winter; or distance from the cell tower. If you feel your service could be augmented with a powerful signal booster, we’re more than happy to help. Our tech team could help you find the right product based on your home and carrier. Please feel free to call or email them at 888-365-6283 or Thanks!

  7. Sylvia Burns says:

    I’m thinking of switching to consumer cellular but there seems to be problems with connecting would there be problems in reno 89502 area?Because if the phone wont connect because of weak signals why should I switch? And if I did switch is the booster free?

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Sylvia, in order to better assist you we’ll need the actual address. Could you please reach out to our tech support team at and provide your full address. Feel free to copy and paste this comment when reaching out as they are aware of your question already. Thanks!

  8. Linda D Pinick says:

    How good is your service in the Branson, Mo area? What about texting between Branson and Carthage, Il or Beverly Hills, Fl?

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Without knowing which carrier you’re using, it’s difficult to say exactly. Based on what we can see though, our boosters should work well. Some carriers will be more challenging than others though in some of these areas. If we had to recommend a booster for these locations, it be our Fusion4home booster with the yagi antenna option. Knowing your carrier, you can go to to confirm if your provider will work in your area. If you would like any additional help, please feel free to contact our customer support team at

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