Cell Phone Insurance Options: Protection from Theft, Loss and Damage

Evaluating your cellphone insurance options? While the wide range may make your head spin, it is a smart decision to get coverage if you are reliant on your cellphone. It is not uncommon for a cellphone to fall, break, be lost or stolen, or malfunction after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. With the right cellphone insurance coverage, you can have your phone replaced if it is stolen, lost or damaged.

How to evaluate your cell phone insurance options?

How will you decide which cellphone insurance policy is best for you? Here are some important points that your plan should include:

  • Coverage irrespective of where it was purchased
  • Quick replacement i.e. in a day or two
  • Protection against theft, loss and liquid damage (both from spills and immersion)
  • Coverage on mechanical and electronic failures after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired
  • Cancellation anytime you want

It’s also nice to have:

  • Complimentary technical support
  • Coverage that can be transferred to another cellphone

You may choose to get insurance from your carrier (in which case the insurance fee will be added to your monthly bill) or from a reliable, independent company that provides cellphone insurance coverage.

Some cell phone insurance options

While we do not promote or recommend any particular cellphone insurance policy or provider, here are some to help you get started on your research.

Make sure you examine your cellphone insurance options carefully before signing up. It’s not only the monthly fee that you need to consider but also whether or not there is a deductible and what the amount may be. Also read the fine print to see what is not covered. Some insurance plans do not cover basic wear and tear or accidental damage.

Cell Phone Insurance Ensures Your Cellphone Booster Gets Utilized!

Unfortunately, common cellphone problems cannot be fixed by your carrier or insurance provider. If you are dealing with choppy reception, failed connectivity and poor download speeds, you need a proven solution to the problem. A broken cellphone speaks to no one.

SureCall offers a selection of cellphone signal boosters for your home, office and vehicle to keep you connected wherever you are. We also provide the industry’s best 3-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

SureCall products are known for performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. Our solutions work with all major carriers and are independently reconfigurable for each brand. They are easy to set up and can be installed within minutes. Make sure you also have a sound cell phone insurance plan.

Enjoy uninterrupted voice and data coverage in your home, office or vehicle with a SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster. Buy through one of our resellers in the USA and Canada or call us at 888-365-6283.

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