New Cell Phone Booster for All Vehicles Sizes

Stay Connected in Your Car, Truck or RV

Is poor connectivity preventing you from conducting business or staying in touch with family while you are on the road? Try our new cell phone booster for cars, trucks and RVs. With the crystal clear reception and sustained download speeds that Fusion2Go provides, it is business as usual, no matter where you are and what size of vehicle you are driving. Our customers across the United States and Canada can’t believe the difference!

Fusion2Go Cell Phone Signal Booster Ends Your Connectivity Problems

  • No service? Frustrated by the number of times “no service” pops up when trying to make a call or access a map on your smartphone? You could be at the edge of your provider’s service zone. This typically means no connectivity till you reach an area that is covered by a cell tower. Changing providers won’t help, as each carrier faces similar constraints. However, installing a cell phone booster in your vehicle will strengthen your signal irrespective of your distance from the cell tower. You will not have to drive around to find a cell signal.
  • Dropped calls or choppy reception? Embarrassed by the number of times your phone service cuts in and out when speaking with clients? Tired of having to explain why you missed or didn’t return important customer calls? It’s a smart idea to get a cell phone booster for your car or truck. Clients are only interested in the service you can provide, not what problems you face. Don’t put your business on the line!
  • Geographical blackouts? Thickly wooded areas, mountainous or hilly regions, even neighborhoods with many tall buildings can cause a communication limbo. If this sounds like where you work, live or travel to meet and serve customers, invest in a vehicle cell signal booster. You can download important data for meetings, provide fast response to clients and stay in touch with family in the event of an emergency.

Get your money’s worth and ensure you have a reliable vehicle cell signal booster. SureCall’s new Fusion2Go is making waves on account of the steady service it provides.

Enjoy an Extended 3-Year Warranty on Your New Vehicle Cell Phone Booster

SureCall’s Fusion2Go is a five-band booster that improves cell signal for 2G/3G voice and 4G data for all major US carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. It is easy to install and the kit comes with everything that you need. It is ready to go in minutes.

Fusion2Go features:

  • Independently reconfigurable for each band
  • 2G/3G and 4G Data enhancement for all carriers
  • Reconfigurable to fit all size vehicles with and without sun roofs
  • Supports multiple users
  • Fool-proof plug and play operation
  • Quality metal construction, durable and resilient
  • Lowest Out of Band Emissions (OOBE) to date
  • FCC Certified for new regulations and technical standards

Fusion2Go instantly raises the bars on your cell phone coverage, eliminating previous voice and data issues. You will be ready to hit the road at any time. As with all other SureCall products, you will enjoy the industry’s best warranty of 3 years plus a 30-day money back guarantee on your new cell phone booster.

Enjoy uninterrupted voice and data coverage in your car, truck or RV with SureCall’s new cell phone booster for vehicles. Buy through one of our resellers in the USA and Canada or call us at 888-365-6283.

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