Modern Living Meets Life Saving Responders

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SureCall’s Guardian3 QR Public Safety Band Booster increases signal strength for crucial first responder communications inside the Optima Kierland apartment complex in Phoenix AZ.

Today’s modern construction materials have enabled new buildings to be energy efficient. However, the materials used to keep buildings energy efficient are also the cause of weakening cellular signal throughout. More crucial than cellular signal is the need for emergency response radio signals to penetrate and cover required areas within the building, as part of building code requirements.


During the construction of the luxury apartment complex Optima Kierland in Phoenix, Arizona, the building’s special system contractors Gruber Technical Services recognized the need to enhance these emergency response signals.  Signal readings showed weak and spotty coverage, as low as -102dbm, not meeting the standards required for a complex its size.  Based on the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) requirements, buildings must have a signal of -95dbm or better, with 99% floor area radio coverage in critical areas such as emergency command centers, exit stairs, elevator lobbies, exit passageways, etc. Non-critical, general building areas must meet the AHJ’s requirements of a 90 percent floor area radio coverage.


Gruber worked with technical solutions consultants company Accu-Tech for a product recommendation and support. After assessing the situation, Accu-Tech recommended Surecall’s Guardian3 Quick Response (QR) amplifier, an affordable solution that would solve the signal requirements.

The Guardian3 QR is a tri-band, bi-directional signal booster that improves coverage up to 80,000 square feet for all public safety band, and meets the code for Chapter 24 Emergency Communications System of the NFPA72 (National Fire Protection Association). Additionally, the Guardian3 QR also includes a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4-rated amplifier housing. The Guardian3 QR is also FirstNet ready, proving it a sound solution for the project.

To meet the AHJ requirements and for a building of its size, Gruber installed four Guardian3 QR amplifiers. These amplifiers helped the building meet – and exceed — the local AHJ requirements, with a reading of -65dbm.


Optima passed the first inspection performed by the city, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its residents. Overall, Gruber was very impressed with the quality of the Guardian3 QR, the ease of installation, and support they received from both Accu-Tech and SureCall.  The installation makes Optima not only an energy efficient building, but also safe and accessible for emergency responders.


For more than three decades, Optima has been developing, designing and building some of the most striking urban and suburban luxury residential communities in the United States.

About Gruber Technical Services

Gruber Technical Services has been designing major data centers since 1984. With roots in the Mainframe Computer industry, Gruber has years of experience designing optimum environments for serious technological applications.

About Accu-Tech

Accu-Tech, a nationwide distributor for leading data, AV, security, broadcast and DAS manufacturers has been in business for more than thirty years. Whether assistance is needed with material sourcing, logistics, training, financing or credit, Accu-Tech prides itself on providing tailored solutions for systems of every size.

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