Home/Office Coverage Inside A Canyon’s Cellular Dead Zone

The Dilemma:

Increasing cellular reception in a home office located in a canyon.

The Challenge:

Operating his business out of his own home for nearly twenty years, Bill Crook had never been able to receive cellular signal in his home office because his home is located in a canyon in San Carlos, CA. As Crook spends many evenings making appointments and talking to his real estate clients, this non-connection was a distinct hindrance to doing business. Especially where much of his business communication is done over his cell phone at home or in his vehicle. In the past, if he had to make a call regarding an inspection or report he was making, he had to step outside his home on the front lawn. But this did not allow him to reference home inspections of ongoing jobs on his PC in his office. He would either have to print up the full report to discuss it with his client or call them back with more information when he’d referenced it.

Crook heard about SureCall boosters from a neighbor who owned one and swore by the great cellular reception he was receiving after installing a cellular booster. After researching various manufacturers on his own, he chose a SureCall booster himself because of the quality metal design and accessories compared to its competitors. He also liked the adjustable dials the amplifier came up in case he needed to attenuate, or dial down the amplifier’s power. He also liked the fact that SureCall supported a three-year warranty, should anything happen.

Solution: SureCall FlexPro™

The Result:

Can now receive and make business calls where previously unable and increased cell phone reception throughout the home for his whole family. Installed over a weekend, Crook now enjoys clear cellular reception in his home office where he had none for nearly 20 years. Conversations with real estate agent clients are no longer a hassle. With a FlexPro adjustable cellular booster, his whole family can also take advantage of the new reception they receive on their own cell phones.

About Preferred Property Inspection:

Bill Crook has owned and operated Preferred Property Inspection, a residential real estate inspection business on the San Francisco Peninsula, since 1992. With property inspection serving as an integral part of the real estate transaction process, Crook has gained a reputation as one of the premier home inspectors on the Peninsula for nearly two decades. Also a licensed general contractor, Crook has significantly remodeled two of his own homes while remodeling many others as a partner in a previous home remodeling business.

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