Airplane Maintenance Hangar in North Carolina

In-Building Cellular Solution (80,000 sq. ft.)

Increasing cellular signal coverage in separate 30,000 square feet and 50,000 square feet areas of an aviation maintenance company’s partly underground hangar dedicated to consumer airline plane refurbishment.

Klingensmith and RCS Wireless Technology received a project outfitting a total of 80,000 sq ft of an airplane maintenance company’s hangar with cellular reception. The company’s engineers and workers communicate with iPads while retrofitting airline passenger planes with satellite TV monitors on the seat backs. Even though a portion of the hangar was below ground level and received a poor cellular signal, they wanted 3G and 4G connectivity and didn’t want the communications transmitting through their Wi-Fi network.

Solution: SureCall Force5 Industrial

  • 3G and 4G voice and data cellular reception in 30,000 and 50,000 square feet areas
  • Cost-effective cellular amplifier and accessories solution

As the amplification solution, RCS Wireless Technology suggested SureCall’s Force5 five-band amplifier as the part of the solution to perform the task and the airline maintenance company agreed. RCS suggested the Force5, part of SureCall’s product line of amplifiers, because it covers 2G through 4G coverage for all the major carriers up to 80,000 square feet.

Although the customer wanted coverage for a large area, they only had a limited budget so Klingensmith’s creative configuration skills were put to the test. With a little homework and rolling up his sleeves, Klingensmith came up with a configuration involving the SureCall Force5 and a combination of 6-7 wide-band omni antennas in the middle of the desired coverage area and wide-band directional panel antennas encircling the outer areas of the coverage area’s perimeter. Because the two areas were separated, Klingensmith was worried that the Force5 would not be able to increase cellular coverage with all the cable, splitters and attenuation needed for the project that sometimes reduce an amplifier’s power. When he tested the installation before the final launch, he found the Force-5 more than adequately provided cellular signal throughout the coverage area.


With the installation of a Force5 cellular amplifier, antennas and other accessories, Klingensmith and RCS Wireless Technology were able to cost-effectively provide the airline maintenance company with over 80,000 square feet of 3G through 4G cellular coverage. And because word gets around, he’s already received other projects that will need the Force5’s capabilities.

Steve Klingensmith, of North Carolina based RCS Wireless Technology, installs two-way radio and cellular solutions for companies throughout the Southeast. For over 50 years, RCS Wireless Technology has serviced customers with advanced safety, security and business communications needs. The markets they serve include educational and healthcare facilities, government and the public safety industry, the transportation and utilities industries, as well as law enforcement, fire, EMS and other first responders.


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