Camping Gadgets 2022: Tech Accessories For Your Next Adventure

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A cell phone signal booster is only one of many gadgets that upgrade your camping experience. If you’re the kind who likes to bring technology with you to the great outdoors, check out some of these awesome camping gadgets 2022:

GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier

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Planning ahead for water is one of the most important things – if not THE most important thing – to think about when going camping. Many people go a bit overboard and pack too much water, adding lots of weight to their packs. This incredible water bottle will prevent that and make your water needs so easy to meet you’ll wonder how you ever camped without it.

The GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier is a 24 ounce water bottle that turns water from virtually any source into clean, drinkable water almost instantly. The electro-absorptive (ion exchange/activated carbon) technology removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals. Take the bottle out of the outer shell, fill it up with water right from the river, then press the bottle back down into the outer shell for 8 seconds. This activates the filter and cleans the water. Open the cap and drink!

One filter equals approximately 350 uses before needing to be replaced. It comes in 6 different colors (Camo, Alpine White, Oasis Green, Coyote Amber, Wanderer Red, Visibility Orange).

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Average Amazon rating: 5 stars

Jetboil Flash 2.0 Cooking System

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This “stove” boils half a liter of water in a minute and half. That’s faster than the average time it takes a barista to hand you your coffee once you order it. All you do is connect the vessel to the small burner (which needs to be connected to a gas cartridge). Push the ignitor and wait less than two minutes. The flairs on the cup’s logo are actually heat indicators. They change color when your water reaches the boiling point. It’s tightly insulated, comfortable to hold, and the push-button igniter is incredibly reliable. The bottom of the container is detachable and doubles as a bowl or measuring cup.

This thing is perfect for preparing dehydrated meals, making coffee and hot chocolate, or anything else that requires hot water while camping. Remember that the fuel cartridges are sold separately. Make sure to buy some because the Jetfoil Flash 2.0 can’t boil your water without one.

This is one of the best items on our list of camping gadgets 2022 for people who put day-long hikes on their camping ititneray.

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MPOWERD Luci String Lights

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These multi-purpose string lights can be used in so many scenarios. Plus, they are so easy to charge, setup, and put away. They provide a fantastic ambiance to situations where you need light. The light color is warm and doesn’t hurt your eyes when you look at them. You can charge them with a regular A/C power cord or via USB. Or you can set them out in the sunlight for a bit and let the solar panels do the charging. A single charge gives you 20 hours of illumination!

The Mpowerd Luci solar string lights also double as a phone charger! The base has a USB input so you can charge an external device. They even have hanging clips so you can hang them inside your tent.

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Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

YETI Panga Submersible 28L Backpack

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Need a backpack that can submerge in water without affecting the contents inside? This is the one to get. The hydrolock zipper makes this backpack 100% waterproof. If you’re going on a long trek, the waist belt and chest strap provide stability and security. It also has a Thickskin shell that makes it puncture-and-abrasion-resistant .

The aesthetic design of this backpack is one of its best features. It has minimalist, simplistic design, making it just as suitable for the office as the wilderness.

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Average Moosejaw Rating: 4.7 Stars

BioLite Campstove 2

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This portable “smart” stove is the best of its kind that we’ve seen. It’s small, easily transported, and has lots of awesome features.

All you have to do to get it going is find some sticks, put them in the chamber, light them up, and turn the unit on. The chamber design has a built-in battery park and fan that keeps the fire going longer, hotter, and cleaner, which means it’s a mostly smokeless fire. Out of the box, you get the Campstove 2, kettle pot with the blue pour lid, french press for kettle pot, grill (and cover), USB light, and plastic bowl. It even has some USB inputs, so you can charge your other camping gadgets 2022 by the energy produced by the flames. There are even more accessories for this stove that are sold separately.

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Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

PETZL Rechargeable LED Headlamp

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When serious campers get their first nice headlamp, they wonder how they ever camped without one. You will use this thing so much. Trust us.

You can power it with three AAA, or just keep the rechargeable battery in and plug in the headlamp using the micro USB port when you’re not using it. It has 500 lumens of brightest, many brightness settings, and two beam patters: flood and mixed. It’s really flexible design allows you to wear it on your head, wrap it around a tent pole, or use it as a lantern. And it’s really lightweight. Great for camping, running, cycling, nighttime work, and more.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

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I know you probably didn’t expect video games to be on our list of camping gadgets 2022. But here us out.

Are you camping with children? Kids or no kids, if you want to bring video games with you, this is the one to invest in. Compared to the standard Nintendo Switch, the Lite version is smaller and capable of handheld use only. With hundreds of available games and the ability to link up to 8 players in the same multiplayer game (have friends bring their consoles along), the Switch Lite is amazing.

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Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

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If you have any experience barbecuing, you’re going to be impressed with the design of this stow-and-go grill. When it’s in its transportable form, it looks like a small suitcase. But when it’s unfolded and ready for use, it has a surface area of 41 x 25 cm. That’s enough for a more than reasonable amount of food. It has two aluminum, porcelain-enameled, rust-proof lids that regular air flow. It also has push-button ignition and plated steel legs that pivot and lock the lid in place for safe, easy carrying.

There are a lot of on-the-go-style BBQs out there. This one is our pick.

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Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

WONDERBOOM 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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This is a fantastic speaker that’s been designed sonically and aesthetically for outdoor listening. It’s perfect for camping. If someone else has their own Wonderboom 2, you can connect to the two speakers together via Bluetooth for a louder sound. Besides the amazing sound quality it produces, it’s dust-proof, waterproof, and it floats! You an actually bring it with you into the water and let it bob on the surface. And when you get home from your adventure, why not keep it in your shower?

The Wonderboom 2 lasts for 13 hours on a full charge. It’s light (420g), small, incredibly easy to carry with the strap feature, and boy is it powerful. If you like music at your campsite, this camping gadgets 2022 is a must-have.

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Honcho Poncho

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Have you heard of the Comfy, the popular blanket/hoodie hybrid? The Honcho Poncho is a similar idea, but designed a bit differently for campers and outdoor sleepers. This is another one of those items that’s surprises you with how often you use it once you have one.

The wearer can decide if they want to wear it while inside, partially inside, or on top of their sleeping bag. However you prefer to sleep while camping, you’re going to love wearing this. It’s not too heavy or too light; it’s just right. It has hollow fibers that make up the compressible insulation, giving it just the right amount of thermal protection. And it’s super easy to pack because it folds down into a small, zip-up storage pocket.

A lot of online reviewers say they often use it as a wearable changing room. Honestly, you’ll find yourself discovering all sorts of different scenarios where the Honcho Poncho comes in handy.

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Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

Goal Zero Venture 35 Portable Power Bank w/ Nomad 10 Solar Panel Kit

There are lots of great portable power banks out there. But when it comes to camping and off-the-grid adventures, a Goal Zero product is the way to go. If you visit their site, they have a whole bunch of options at various price points. We’ve included this one on our list because it’s under $200 and amazing. The Venture 35 9600mAh power bank increased capacity powers multiple devices at once from two 5V/3A (15W max) USB-A Outputs. Recharges in 3-5 hours via 18W USB-C Power Delivery port from USB source or compatible Nomad 10 solar panels.

Both components are small for easy transportation. The power bank is 4.4 in x 2.4 in x 1.1 in and the solar panel is 9.5 in x 14.5 in x 0.75 in.

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Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

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