How To Glamp In An RV (And The One Thing That Changes Everything)

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Quick Summary of Boost Cell Signal While Glamping (How To Glamp In An RV)

  1. RV + Cell Phone Signal Booster = Mobile Glamping
  2. Boosted Data Speed Is The Key Ingredient To Glamping
  3. How To Glamp In An RV (11 Things To Make It Awesome)

Glamping (glamorous camping) is more popular than ever. Small businesses have popped up all over the country that offer camping-in-style luxuries in beautiful, remote places. Glamping offers a unique get-away-from-it-all experience where, though you’re in the wilderness, hotel-level amenities are available to you. Accommodations come in many shapes and sizes. Deluxe cabins, yurts, teepees, camping cabins, covered wagons, safari tents, even treehouses!

But there’s another dwelling type that’s sometimes not included in glamping conversations. RVs. On their own, it’s understandable why some might not associate RVs with glamping. But all they need is one ingredient to transform into a bonafide glamping experience.

A cell phone signal booster.

RV + Cell Phone Signal Booster = Mobile Glamping

RV travel with a cell phone signal booster is essentially mobile glamping. In most RVs, you have all the comforts – to one degree or another – of a hotel room, but with two main exceptions: housekeeping and internet. A cell signal booster presents a solution to internet, turning a traditional RV trip into a glamping adventure!

boost cell signal while glamping 02

Glamping sites boast certain amenities that have come to be associated with the glamping experience. Things that elevate it from traditional camping. Comfortable beds, temperature control, plumbing, electricity, and an internet connection, to name a few. How many of these things come with most RVs? All of them…except internet.

But when you equip your RV with a signal booster, your cell signal improves. Obviously. A boosted signal, however, affects the strength of your phone’s mobile hotspot, as well. This means you can potentially have an adequate WiFi connection in your RV! When you do this, your RV trip fully qualifies as a glamping structure. It meets all the requirements!

It Gets Even Better

Not only does an RV meet the qualifications of a glamping structure, but it also has a characteristic that most of them don’t. Mobility. This is what makes RV travel the most exciting way to glamp. A booster-equipped RV allows you to glamp at many locations over the course of a vacation instead of only one.

boost cell signal while glamping 03

And if you park your RV at a KOA campground or other place designated for RVs, it’s likely you’ll have full hookups. This means high-voltage amp service and more. This setup is exactly like what most glamping services offer!

Boosted Data Speed Is The Key Ingredient To Glamping

In the leisure industry, WiFi has become a necessity for people. In the UK, a study was done recently where over 1,000 vacationers where asked what the most important factor was when choosing an accommodation. WiFi was chosen by 67% of the participants, even more than location, bar quality, or anything else.

Remember that people who glamp instead of camp are precisely this type of person. Those who value certain luxurious amenities over anything else. Isn’t this one of the main reasons people purchase and rent RVs? To have a more luxurious experience compared to traditional camping? If you have one, is that why you bought yours?

boost cell signal while glamping 04

This is why boosting your cell signal inside your RV is such a great idea. It upgrades an already great experience into an exceptional one. Maybe this was was a foundational idea of the original glampers. Who knows.

Another thing to remember is that many glamping sites charge an extra fee for WiFi access. With an RV equipped with a cell signal booster, you don’t have to worry about that.

How To Glamp In An RV (11 Things To Make It Awesome)

The truth is that how to properly glamp in an RV isn’t that much different from regular glamping. Still, it’s worth knowing the tips and tricks because if you haven’t been glamping before, you need to try it. The hype is there for a reason. Even those who consider themselves camping purists are often pleasantly surprised at how memorable the experience is.

boost cell signal while glamping 05

You’ll notice when reading the suggestions below that preparation is the key to memorable RV glamping. The more prepared you are the less stress you’ll feel. Nobody wants to be stressed on an RV vacation. The whole point of an excursion like this is to avoid the stresses of life. Don’t add unnecessary stress by being unprepared. Here’s what we suggest:

1. Install A Signal Booster On Your RV

If you want to turn your RV trip into a glamping experience, they key is a cell phone signal booster. Your RV likely has all the glamping ingredients already, except for fast data speeds. Get a signal booster in there and transform a conventional RV ride into mobile glamping. Reference the article below to learn how to install the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV. Correct installation is key to the device functioning properly.

7 Easy Steps To Install A Cell Signal Booster In An RV

2. Research Your Location

Wherever you decide to go, you need to make sure you’ve researched it. And if you’re stopping at multiple locations along the way, do research on each spot. Find out a few specific things. For one, what’s the weather going to be like there? This will affect your itinerary, including what you pack. Next, what kind of activities and adventures can be had there? You want to use your time as wisely as possible and visit some quality sites where you can. And finally, know exactly where you’re going. The route, how much time it’ll take to get there, etc. Researching the location will save time, money, and headaches.

boost cell signal while glamping 06

3. Make A Packing List

Forgetting an important item is a downer on any trip, including RV glamping. Before you start packing up your RV, make a list of everything you need to bring. Check off each thing as you pack it. Make the list on your phone if it’s easier for you. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Just make sure you do it. This is the most effective way to make sure you bring everything you need and want.

4. Loose Itineraries Are Better Than Firm Ones

Some people are consistently over-prepared. We all know someone like that. Spending way too much effort and energy hurrying the party along from one thing to the next, diminishing everyone’s experiences. But there’s also the under-prepared people who lose out from not putting enough care and thought into planning ahead. Where you want to be is right in the middle. It’s a fine line, but it’s best way to have the best time.

There’s a reason that finding the right balance between the two is the right thing do. It’s because it leaves room for surprises and relaxation. If you plan every day down to the hour, you won’t have as much fun. You’ll be too worried about making it to the next item on the itinerary that you’ll forget to fully enjoy the item you’re on. And if you don’t plan enough, you’ll waste trip time figuring out what to do.

boost cell signal while glamping 07

5. Bring Extra Comfort Items

Part of the fun of glamping is doing higher-end things you typically wouldn’t or couldn’t do while camping. Bring your favorite board game. Or your favorite pillow or comforter that you wouldn’t bring camping. Maybe your favorite movie. Bring a coffee machine with your favorite coffee and put that in the RV. Whatever your extra comfort items are, bring them. These are things that really make glamping what it is.

6. Don’t Let Weather Stop You

If you were planning a camping trip and you learned that a rainstorm was going to happen on your exact dates, you’d likely pick a different day to avoid it. You don’t have to avoid weather as much when glamping in an RV. Your RV is obviously much more weather-resistant than a personal tent. In fact, sitting in the comfort of your RV while it’s raining outside stirs a unique, awesome feeling. And with a signal booster, it’ll be even more awesome!

7. Don’t Stay In Your RV The Whole Time

Part of the fun of glamping is still getting out and exploring nature, then coming back to sleep in luxury. Commune with nature. Get out there and breath in fresh air. Go on hikes. Visit historical sites. Swim. Experience local restaurant scenes. Go golfing. Don’t boost cell signal while glamping just to stay in the RV for the whole trip. Having a signal booster in there might make that decision more difficult for some. But you’ll have big regrets if you and your family stay within the confines of your RV for most of the trip.

boost cell signal while glamping 08

8. Be Creative And Adventurous

Glamping is a one-of-a-kind experience. So it should follow that while you’re doing it, you’d want to try new things, new activities, new places, etc. Try new things. It’s all in the spirit of RV glamping! Plan some horseback riding, archery, read a book you keep putting off. Anything that’s new and exciting. It’ll make your trip so much more memorable if you have more firsts associated with it.

9. Slow Down

Like any vacation, one of the main reasons to go RV glamping is to let go of the busy. The busy refers to all the things in day-to-day life that make you stressed. Some responsibilities are important while you’re in the real word but less important on an RV trip. Even though the point of glamping isn’t to fully go without day-to-day comforts, you still need to operate under the get-away-from-it-all mindset. Don’t boost cell signal while glamping just to bring back all your busy. Still get back to basics as much as you can. Bring a hammock and take a nap outside. Take a walk through a meadow. Don’t forget to slow down.

10. You Can Still Get An Education While Glamping

Just because you’re on a trip doesn’t mean you should avoid historical sites, libraries, museums, things like that. One of the great benefits of regular travel – even if it’s glamping – is to expose yourself to other parts of the country. Take the time to learn something about the location you chose. You might even make some new friends.

boost cell signal while glamping 09

Another good idea is to visit the local library of the city where you parked your RV. Take a book back to your RV and read the whole thing! You’ll always remember that book because of the circumstances under which you read it. It’s really fun.

11. S’mores Are Still Important

Knowing how to boost cell signal while glamping is important. But let’s be honest. If you don’t go camping without s’mores, you shouldn’t go glamping without them either. S’mores are forever linked with camping and there’s no reason you shouldn’t still carry on that tradition while RV glamping. Sprinkle in some things that are strongly associated with regular camping into your glamping experience. The fun and novelty of it all won’t be forgotten. This is a good way to really create some great glamping memories.

Boost Cell Signal While Glamping (How To Glamp In An RV) – Conclusion

Here’s the product page for the best RV cell signal booster on the market: the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV.

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  1. James Pendergast says:

    I use Xfinity Mobile which fails over to Verizon Mobile when it can’t find an Xfinity/Comcast hotspot. I recently installed a SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV signal booster, and not sure if 1) I need to register it with Verizon Mobile for it to work, or 2) not sure if there’s some authentication handshake that needs to happen between my mobile phone and the Surecall unit. Seems odd that it’s wide open for any phones to be connecting for a signal boost. Thank you!

    1. Jon Bacon says:

      Thanks for your question James. The booster is working once it’s been installed and turned on. The registering of it is required by the carriers in case of malfunction or problem on the network. More of a safety measure than to ensure operation. The way all boosters work is much like the cell tower. They’re ready to operate, but only really “activate” when a phone is trying to make a call, receive a call or access data of any kind. Hope that helps!

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