7 Easy Steps To Install A Cell Signal Booster In An RV

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Quick Summary of Boost Cell Signal In My RV (What To Get And How To Install It):

  1. How Do I Boost Cell Signal In My RV?
  2. What Signal Booster Should I Buy For My RV?
  3. Step 1: Install the Outside Antenna
  4. Step 2: Create a Cable Entry Point
  5. Step 3: Run the Cable Into the RV
  6. Step 4: Install the Booster
  7. Step 5: Connect and Secure the Outside Antenna Cable
  8. Step 6: Install the Inside Antenna
  9. Step 7: Power the Booster
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RV sales are thriving during the coronavirus event.

Surprised? Look at this statement from a May 7 report from Fox Business:

“Across the nation, Americans are seeking to escape the confines of their homes and fulfill their desires to travel. However, they must do so while abiding by social distancing guidelines meant to curb the spread of the virus. RVs, which can easily provide temporary housing for families to self-isolate, are become the go-to option with sales outperforming industry expectations at the start of the year.”

The author goes on to explain that as people are more eager than ever to get out of the house, those who’ve been on the fence about recreational vehicles are taking the plunge. And boats and RVs appear to be the top choice right now.

The recent decrease in gas prices is likely playing a role, as well. People all over the world are looking to save money any way they can. Practicing social distancing on the road or in the outdoors is even more appealing when gas is cheap. And it’s safe to assume that this surge in RV interest will continue as long as quarantine guidelines are in place. Hotels, cruise ships, and air travel are on the downhill while RVs are on their way up.

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More RV Sales Means More Interest in Cell Phone Signal Boosters

This statement is almost always true. But given the current environment, staying connected digitally has become more important to us as a society than ever before. Data usage has soared since the quarantine so it isn’t any wonder that, even when traveling in an RV, folks want to stay connected as much as possible.

How Do I Boost Cell Signal In My RV?

There isn’t a better way to boost cell signal in an RV than to get precisely that – a cell phone signal booster. There are little things here and there that you can do that might give you a marginally better signal. But based on our experience as well as feedback from RV owners, it’s a lot easier to simply install a device in your RV that is designed to boost cell signal. They work great and will give you better results than any other trick or method.

What Signal Booster Should I Buy For My RV?

We say with confidence that SureCall has the best signal booster for RVs on the market: the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV.

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Click here for the official page of the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV. You’ll learn all the product specifications as well as all the different places online where you can purchase one.

But there is something that is just as important as buying the right model. Installing it correctly.

How To Install the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV

Don’t worry. It’s simple. Installation is easily done by most people. And what’s even better, it doesn’t matter what type of RV you own. Class A, C, tow-able, or toy hauler. The same installation process applies no matter what. We’ll go through it all right now, step by step.

When you purchase the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV, it comes with these components. (1) A Fusion2Go 3.0 cell booster. (2) An omni-directional antenna for mounting on top of the RV or trailer. (3) An additional magnet-mount outside antenna with optional industrial-strength adhesive and mounting hardware (Important Note: The magnet mount antenna is for use in a truck used to pull a fifth wheel, or for much smaller trailers. This way you can move your booster between the truck or RV if desired). (4) An inside antenna (Two are supplied, again, for ease of moving from a tow vehicle to or fixed in the RV). (5) 40 ft of coax cable. (6) a 110 Volt power supply. (7) cable mounts and ties. (8) a weatherproof cable entry cover. (9) a cigarette lighter adapter. (10) an A/C adapter.

A Reminder of How Signal Boosters Work

Signal boosters work by capturing a cellular signal outside of your RV using the outside antenna. The signal is then passed inside to the signal booster which amplifies the signal and sends it to the inside antenna which broadcasts a stronger signal inside your RV. The process is then reversed when you place a call and the booster sends a stronger signal back to the cell tower, keeping you connected.

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Alright. Here’s how to install it.

Step 1: Install the Outside Antenna

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV comes with an omni-directional outside antenna. This means it catches cell signals from 360 degrees around it. There’s no need to aim or point the antenna in a particular direction. Mount the outside antenna to a pole or ladder so that the entire outside antenna is above the roofline of the RV and clear of any metal obstructions. The higher you can get the antenna, the better. Trees, hills, and other obstacles block the signal from reaching the antenna. So the higher you can get the antenna, the better the signal will be.

If you can, mount the outside antenna on the driver’s side. You’re less likely to hit things like overhanging branches on that side. Use the included bracket to attach it securely to the RV. Remember to place the bracket next to a ladder or pole. And also remember that the outside antenna must be mounted vertically. Not horizontally or at an angle.

Some RV ladders tilt in at an angle at the top. Don’t mount your antenna here. If you do, you may lower the performance of your booster. Instead, mount the antenna on the opposite side of the ladder if it’s vertical or somewhere else entirely to make sure it’s 100% vertical. If your RV doesn’t have a ladder, pole, or vent pipe on the roof, you’ll need to create a mounting point for your antenna. Here are some ideas.

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Idea 1

Use the included L-bracket and some VHB tape from a hardware store. You could mount the L-bracket to the side of your RV above the roofline with BHB tape. And then attach the antenna to it.

Idea 2

You can mount the included antenna bracket to the side of your RV’s A/C unit using BHB tape.

Idea 3

Mount the antenna on the telescoping pole attached to the RV. When you’re driving, the pole will be down so the signal likely won’t be great. But when you get to your location, you can extend the pole and get the antenna high into the air.

However you install the outside antenna, make sure that it is above the roof line of the RV and any obstructions.

Step 2: Create a Cable Entry Point

boost cell signal in my rv 06

Before you drill any holes, make sure you’ve made sure you know the precise path that the cable will take. Don’t figure it out on the fly. This is called doing a soft install. Before connecting to power and doing any permanent set up, connect all the components together, and make sure your intended cable path will work with no problems.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to drill the first hole. The cable needs to permanently run from the inside to the outside, connecting the two antennas. So drill a hole in the RV’s exterior where the cable will travel through. Make sure you don’t drill through any internal water lines, gas vents, or power cables. That would be bad.

In some RVs, you don’t have to drill holes because entry points already exist. If that’s you, great.

Step 3: Run the Cable Into the RV

Connect the cable to the outside antenna and route it through the rubber ring of the entry cable cover. Then into the newly drilled hole. Or run it through an existing entry point as previously described.

Step 4: Install the Booster

Now you need to choose a spot where the your signal booster will live inside your RV. There are three things you need to think about to help you make your decision. First of all, it needs ventilation so don’t put it in an airtight place. Next, you have to be able to plug it in so make sure it’s close to an outlet. And third, the antenna cable needs to be within reach so you can connect the two. RV owners often install it out of the way in a cabinet. If you do that, just make sure there’s a power source in the cabinet.

Once you’ve picked the right spot, time to secure it to the RV. On the back of the booster there’s a mounting bracket. Take that bracket off and fasten it to the wall. The booster will now simply snap into the bracket. You’re done.

boost cell signal in my rv 07

Step 5: Connect and Secure the Outside Antenna Cable

Fasten the end of the outside antenna cable to the outside antenna port on the booster. Hold the rubber gasket, feed the cable through, and pull. Make sure the cable is coming through the bottom and then fasten the cable cover cap in place. Don’t forget to use the screws to secure the cap. Now make sure the cable is secured to the RV by using the cable mounts.

Now you need make sure that moisture doesn’t get inside the RV through all of this. To prevent this, just put a loop going up to the cable entry hole and then seal it with RTV sealant. This will prevent dirt, insects, and moisture from getting in.

Step 6: Install the Inside Antenna

Connect the inside antenna directly to the connector on the booster with the same name. The antenna will cover up to about 10 feet away, so we recommend placing the booster and antenna close to where you’ll be using your cellular devices most often. The booster can be placed on a counter or other flat surface. You can also mount it upside down underneath a cabinet to save space. Just make sure that the antenna is mounted vertically.

Don’t place the inside antenna in a cabinet or behind objects. Anything that comes between your phone and the antenna weakens the signal. Use some industrial velcro or double-sided tape to secure the antenna in place. Your RV will bump and tilt while driving and you don’t want the antenna to tip or fall.

boost cell signal in my rv 08

One convenient feature of the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV is that the antenna is connected to the booster so when you’re not using it you can hide it away in a drawer, for example. You can also move it around to different areas of your RV based on your needs at that moment. Put it near the cab of your RV when you yourself are driving. Move it to the living area when you’re parked.

Step 7: Power the Booster

Connect the power plug to the booster and then plug the other end into an outlet. A green light will turn on indicating power. If there’s a problem, the light will turn red. That indicates that the two antennas (outside and inside) are too close together and need greater separation in order to maximize performance.

Boost Cell Signal In My RV (What To Get And How To Install It) – Conclusion

One last important thing to remember about signal boosters. We’ve said it many times before but it begs repeating. In order for any SureCall signal booster to work properly, there needs to be an existing signal outside your RV. Even if it’s very weak. RV signal boosters don’t create signal from nothing. They boost an existing signal.

And because most people do their RV traveling to remote places where cell signal is weak, it’s likely that right around the inside antenna is where the strongest boosted signal will be. If the signal outside your RV is better than weak, you’ll likely get good signal within 10 ft of the inside antenna.

If you have any questions about at all about RV signal boosters, call or email us.

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